25 Mar

To fill the gaps in our province Nanchuan silk industry

recently, the province first silk production line project officially started in Nanchuan Industrial Park, the project to fill the province in the silk industry in the gap, promote the adjustment of industrial structure is the park, park enterprises to Qinghai to build their own brand of silk industry, first let Qinghai silk products and international market.

I as a "joint provinces The Belt and Road construction on the strategic background of the implementation of" The Belt and Road construction in the country, efforts to grasp the opportunity, deepening and the countries and regions along the Silk Road cooperation. The mulberry silk production line project through technological transformation and upgrading, and strive to build a green, environmental protection, energy saving of the silk velvet ecological industry base, the project total investment of 123 million yuan, has completed an investment of 68 million yuan, all projects put into operation, will achieve an annual output of 5 million meters of wool woven fabric, the annual output value of 120 million yuan, profits and taxes 24 million yuan, to promote the development of the local economy, is bound to contribute to the development of Qinghai light industry. At present, the mulberry silk production line project has been completed commissioning, the production of silk in 100 thousand meters. Enterprise project after pre trial production and positive efforts, has been basically formed into silk technology research and development, production, domestic sale of the operating pattern of integration, products have begun to occupy the market rate in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Central Asia, South Asia and other countries and regions.

officially launched the project in the production line at the same time, the first to showcase the history of the development of the Chinese silk culture and the Silk Road of professional museum — the opening of Qinghai New Silk Culture Museum, the Museum of the total area of more than 1 thousand square meters, aims to promote the Qinghai ancient Silk Road culture, carry forward the spirit of the ancient Silk Road, glorious and resplendent silk culture exhibition the history, the people of Qinghai and let more foreign friends understand love silk, silk, silk leveraging attention and integration of the Silk Road construction.


24 Mar

Xining 5 hotels to declare less than 600 thousand yuan of tax evasion

with my province checking for tax (fee) efforts, the day before Xining City Inspection Bureau and other departments in the focus of screening, found 5 hotels in Xining City, there is less tax revenue, the tax amounted to about six hundred thousand yuan.

the key to screening the local tax departments, to assist the public security departments of economic investigation, the news media cooperation way. In the implementation of the assault tiaozhang inspection of a hotel, confiscated is the use of the "Qinghai Province, Xining City, the hotel industry invoice" (50 copies) and "Hotel invoice" Qinghai city in Xining Province, a stub (25 copies). After identification, these two invoices are illegal production of false invoices. After 29 false invoices to identify inspection on the hotel completed, determine the amount of false invoices issued 20000 yuan. In the use of the hotel confiscated within the accounting books, the hotel has less tax revenue 960 thousand yuan.

in addition, there is a hotel because of the financial accounting on the cash basis did not declare the tax revenue of 2 million 297 thousand yuan; a catering enterprises to 1 million 220 thousand yuan taxable income offset renovation funds did not receive cash for tax declaration; some are not included in the accounting treatment, less tax revenue 300 thousand yuan. The total amount of taxes involved amounted to about six hundred thousand yuan.


23 Mar

Xining produced 6 million tons of construction waste

In recent years, with the increasing of our city construction, renovation and expansion projects, a large number of old buildings were torn down, and the transformation of city, municipal facilities maintenance and repair, making the city’s annual production of construction waste is increasing. According to incomplete statistics, at present, the annual output of construction waste has reached about 6 million tons. In order to further standardize the city construction waste disposal management, so that the city’s local government related regulations and ministerial rules are unified and orderly convergence, I formulated the "Xining city urban construction waste management measures" is being revised and improved, and will soon be officially implemented.

21 Mar

Let the people around He Shunnian for stability

Spring Festival every day approaching, the market is sufficient supply of vegetables, fruits and meat? During the Spring Festival for the effectiveness of measures to stabilize prices? Wang Yubo deep crowded, prosperous trading in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center, face to face with a large number of vegetables wholesale business conversation, detailed inquiry vegetables distribution, wholesale prices, sales, etc.. He pointed out that the municipal government continues to strengthen the capability of management and service center of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, agricultural and sideline products, preferential booth fees, government subsidies, increase open form of Sichuan for Pengzhou food wholesale sales area, to guide a large number of wholesale business households settled in the center, the center of the agglomeration economies of scale continue to appear, significantly enhance the ability of government regulation. He hopes to continue to increase the intensity of the wholesale business, to ensure a good supply of the market during the Spring Festival, the city’s security for the stable price to make a positive contribution to the work. He asked Xining agribusiness companies not only have to do a good job in the management, but also to grasp the service center, will soon do the people recognized, recognized by the market, the government approved the national first-class agricultural and sideline products distribution center. To further smooth the upstream and downstream supply and marketing channels, expanding the supply, supply, sales of tentacles extending to the city each capillary, into the community, mainly to the supermarket distribution or higher vegetable varieties by way of cheap meat direct car, with the actual results reflect the good government in the control price stability as the. In the tiger area vegetable direct selling point, many residents are queuing up to buy food. Wang Yubo and the masses to buy food warm conversation, ask you to the government in the form of direct selling vehicles are satisfied with the sale of cheap food, what are the requirements. When we reflect the direct selling price of vegetables a lot cheaper than the market, are very satisfied, Wang Yubo said happily, the municipal government will direct sales of vegetables into the community of the people satisfied with the car’s stay, will add 25 cars this year will direct sales of vegetables, vegetables direct extension to the city every car a community, it will benefit Huimin things well, let the people recognized, so that people are satisfied. Mo Street Paterson cheap meat outlets selling beef and mutton prices than the market sales low prices ranging from 1-2 yuan, Wang yu;

21 Mar

Datong master mountain fire was extinguished 1 hours

18:26 on April 12th, Datong County hill because visitors throw cigarette butts random uncivilized behavior, leading to the fire station in front of the hillside on fire, after receiving the report of the fire, the county Party committee and government at the first time to take decisive measures, the main leadership of the county government immediately rushed to the scene the fire command, the forest fire prevention unit members rushed to organize elite forces, rushed to the fire the scene to fight the blaze, the fire officers and soldiers, firefighters, scenic forest fire prevention team more than and 60 people struggling to fight the blaze, the fire was completely extinguished at 19:14. In order to prevent a resurgence, fire officers and forest fire players with a bucket of water and water carried back water for all the burned area to conduct a comprehensive inventory of water, thoroughly remove fire embers. At the same time, the master Mountain Scenic Management Office sent to rear view, to prevent the resurgence of the fire.

as effective measures, less than 1 hours of fighting in a timely manner, the fire was completely extinguished. According to statistics, the area of less than 2 acres of fire, the Fire Department of trees are all weeds, shrubs.  

21 Mar

How to do a good job of pasta shop decoration

pasta shop also need to do a good job of decoration, many chain brands will provide relevant support policies, so do not worry about joining the decoration design problems. If you need to participate in the design work, you should pay attention to some problems. Xiaobian finishing a few points for reference.

1, the main signs, first think of a better name, the place to do advertising signs like their own type of custom.

2, complex point is the bar and kitchen, the kitchen must need a large lampblack machine and large stove, there are many desks and pots and pans, mainly to save space.

3, pasta stores outside wall whitewashed OK in the post to arouse the appetite of pictures, the lights didn’t what special requirements, decorated incandescent lamp is good, mainly to consider the chairs placed, let customers out of convenience, and thoughtful service is very important.

4, the decoration should be simple pasta stores, mainly because those chairs and cutlery need money, can save save, when customers come to do a delicious, health is more than what will attract.

pasta stores also need to pay attention to the decoration of the link, the modern consumer demands for dining environment is high, so you want to attract more people, need to do the work of this session, the above analysis points and I hope to help you, to learn it, the decoration is also very important link!

21 Mar

How to make good use of entrepreneurial policies

government to encourage their own businesses, but also to provide a lot of protection for their own businesses, but how can we really use these policies to implement it, we have experts here to look at the recommendations of the bar!

play an antidote against the disease10 people get the government business loans

This plate to enhance the ability of the

21 Mar

Datong County, Jiangxi Province, in-depth study of Zhang Lili, comrade Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng

9 3, Castle Township held a special study, the advanced deeds of all township cadres to learn Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng, talked about the experience and learn their advanced deeds feelings, summarizing their deeds spiritual connotation.

meeting, deputy secretary of the township party committee Comrade Ma Minglu to convey the notice to the county civilization forward "about to carry out a wide range of learning activities to Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng’s notice", organizational learning the advanced deeds of Comrade Zhang Lili. And put forward, to learn their heroic, chivalrous sentiments; learn from their dedication, dedication of the excellent quality of learning; they love others and helpful selfless feelings.

through the study, we have talked about their deeds after learning their experiences, they agreed that, in the life and death juncture, gave hope to others, the risk of death for themselves; the life and death crisis, their value judgment is good, he is helping others, is ecstasy, shows an extraordinary spirit of ordinary people. Their deeds, embodies the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, the interpretation of the socialist core value system, create a good image of the people’s Chinese Zonta good deeds.

finally, the township party secretary Comrade Zhu Baoan stressed the need to make full use of a variety of forms to the cadres and the masses to promote their deeds and lofty spirit, learning advanced, advanced, caring atmosphere advocating advanced, striving to advanced form in the township. At the same time should be closely integrated with the ongoing Lei Feng activities and volunteer activities, promote the basic moral standards of patriotism, dedication, integrity, kindness, into practice the spirit of Lei Feng, striving to be a lively situation in advanced models. At the same time, he asked the township cadres in the future should be based on their work, to the lofty spirit of learning power, faithfully perform their duties, keep in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, the implementation of farmer friendly policy, close contact and serve the masses, take practical action to create advanced, excellent, for example, will do a better job of the castle township.  


21 Mar

Chengdong District People’s Congress 90 extremely elegant and valuable suggestions

in September last year, the beginning of this year, Chengdong District People’s Congress to make recommendations 90, up to now, 90 representative suggestions have been completed, all units have a written reply to the representatives, do complex was 100%.

In the proposed

management process, establish and improve the supervision and inspection, coordinate and handle the working mechanism of the District, district government initiative and the undertaker to maintain regular contact, tracking, and by telephone, visits, seminars and other forms of active to the National People’s Congress report situation and the existing problems of management, better completed 90 deputies suggested one has to solve the problem of 56; need to reflect the higher authorities and is gradually solved by 34, and in writing to the people’s Congress made a detailed reply. (author: Zhou Jia Quanjun)



21 Mar

Circular of the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice on earnestly studying and implementing the opinio

The county bureau, the law firms: Recently, the municipal office, the municipal government office forwarded the Municipal Bureau of justice "on Further Strengthening and improving the work of opinions" lawyer Ning Ban Fa (2011) No. 87 (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), this is a programmatic document guiding the industry development of our city lawyer. The lawyer for promoting the healthy and orderly development, and create a new situation in the work of lawyers, has very important significance. The introduction of the implementation of the full reflection of the municipal government attaches great importance to the work of the lawyer and the city’s lawyers and caring. To conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the implementation of the opinions, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
, a full understanding of the important significance of "" opinions "issued Implementation Opinions" fully implement the implementation of the views of the provincial office, the provincial government office forwarded the Department of justice "on Further Strengthening and improving the work of lawyers" (green Ban Fa (2011) No. 60) spirit, fully affirmed the work of lawyers in recent years the achievements, expounded the status and role of lawyers in the city’s economic and social development, profoundly expounded the general requirement of adhering to the socialist orientation and basic principles of the law, to further clarify the main contents and ways to strengthen and improve the legal work under the new situation, to further clarify the development of lawyer’s support and security policy. In order to accelerate the healthy and orderly development of lawyers, lawyers play a better service work in the city’s economic and social development The function of the exhibition shows the direction and puts forward higher requirements, which is a programmatic document guiding the current and future period. Judicial administrative organs at all levels of the city law firms from the political and overall perspective, to seriously study and deeply understand the significance of the implementation of the "opinions", practical thinking and understanding to the municipal government’s decision to deploy up, further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of mission, to be enthusiastic and press on the mental state, more solid work style, more effective measures, to make the new situation of the work of lawyers, and constantly create a new situation in the work of a lawyer.
two, understand the spirit, clear the task, do a good job of learning to carry out the work of
, serious organizational learning activities. at all levels of the city’s judicial administrative organs and the law firms to "opinions" as an important content of this lawyer managers and lawyers of education and training, to focus on learning, seminars and other forms, earnestly carry out learning activities. Through in-depth study of the important status and role of the lawyer managers and lawyers understand the work of a lawyer, a deep understanding of the fundamental requirement to adhere to the socialist orientation of lawyers, and strengthen the deep understanding of objectives and tasks and requirements of lawyers work improvement under the new situation, a profound understanding of policies and measures, to grasp the spirit of lawyer, clear the task, unity of thinking, and strive to implement the "opinions in the formation of the city’s judicial administrative organs and the legal profession",;