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  • 25 Jul

    Fire prevention, theft prevention and Shanzhai websites

    from I do webmaster navigation start, to webmaster encyclopedia, to link exchange platform. These types of websites, I am not the first to do the industry, but every time after my article introduction, publicity, many people think that such sites are very good, similar sites have sprung up like mushrooms.

    actually site, and not afraid of everyone to do a type of fair competition, nothing. Even if imitate website interface, website function is nothing, every time facing such copycat website, I still can accept. Do webmaster navigation and webmaster encyclopedia when, encountered the main is such a fortress site.

    but after doing the go9go link platform, some Shanzhai websites are becoming worse and worse. In the beginning, I saw a lot of people posting go9go programs on the Internet, looking for experts, cracking and the like. Because the technical threshold of go9go is not too high, and the technology is good, anyone can do it. So quickly on the Internet to see a large number of similar links and go9go interface function platform for such copycat sites, I still feel very confident, others just imitate my website, this is normal, the Internet is learning to imitate each other. Although this style interface is developed by go9go.

    some websites simply imitate the function and interface of go9go, and think it is not enough, because the threshold of linking platform is high, so it is not good to popularize. There is a Shanzhai website that hits the attention of go9go users directly. Directly register a domain name and go9go is very similar, then trouble, send a message through the QQ to the go9go user, said go9go in the domain name, cheat users go to his website the release of information. Go9go user loyalty is very high, certainly not so easily pull each other in the past, although the copycat websites, also some well-known webmaster website to buy advertising, but today is still very low in popularity. Using unethical means to do promotion, and completely imitate similar sites, it is doomed not to succeed.

    for this domain name imitation, I can still endure, to the back of some Shanzhai site behavior is more bad. Among them, there is a webmaster (www.zhanzhang.la) link platform, the other party through improper channels, access to the go9go site data. Then send e-mail to go9go users, say "webmaster" data, provided by go9go cooperation, let go9go users to "webmaster" landing information. This behavior is more excessive, in the name of go9go to deceive users, and the use of illegal data, a serious violation of the interests of go9go, many friends came to ask me "webmaster" is not my new site?.

    for such behavior, I also today consulted the king and some of the friends who have fallen behind, how to deal with it, have told me that such behavior has violated the law. So I would like to inform the other party is also very simple, to find who is doing is not difficult. The other side is going too far, i.

    25 Jul

    Blog promotion second step to Bo Fu Bo

    in the last online visitor: blog promotion first recruit: major search engines free included login entrance mentioned, blog establishment, perfect after submit landing, and then the second step: to Bo Fu bo.

    why is it called Bo Bo? What is blogging? People who promote blogs may know, but they may not know much about new people, including myself. What time do I start with:


    , who uses blogs as a means of blogging, refers to an important blog made by other blogs. How do you do that? Create blogs from other websites, and create blogs in two different ways:

    is a group built blog

    this time is not suitable for many people, the effect is there, but I do not recommend this blogger in a way! I haven’t tried this way, but friends have tried to promote its own website, it is said that the effect can be, but this massive build blog, I do not know the site is not have a certain impact, so I did not consider this way.

    second go hand set up blog

    The first way is to build

    group, the quality of the blog may not be good as can be imagined to where, here the focus of second, hand built blog, is the pursuit of high quality of the blog, but there is a limit, not all of the sites to set up a blog, after all the energy is limited, can not all be able to take care of. Just say to the high quality of the blog, the blog is not more refined, and the precision for the selection of the blog also pay attention to, I built a lot of blogger blog site, summarizes the four website blog worth to establish blog: NetEase (Baidu and GOOGEL are included very fast), Sina (Baidu blog the development platform, Baidu included very fast). And dispatch blog (Baidu and GOOGEL are very friendly), Baidu space (earlier included more difficult, once included Baidu and GOOGEL given weight is very high). These sites blog, I have to send articles to do the test, I think or search engine friendly blog. (of course, there are blogs on other sites, too. But the blogger has limited energy and is only doing four of these at the moment). In fact, the four blog said, "really want to maintain good, or to spend some time, it is not an easy thing.".

    said in a blog in the other game establishment method and the selection of the blog, next say, if the Bo Yang Bo, for the establishment of second blog, established four blog, you should make sure you consider a major promotion blog (provisional A Bo as an important blog, then to A representatives blog) so that it can operate in a Bo bo. (A’s blog has to be searched by search engines in four blogs, which is more important.). After identifying the main blogs, we started blogging. First of all, in the A blog published an article, after a day, search engine included, directly reprinted to the other three Bo >

    25 Jul

    Don’t let customers think too much about your website

    I do so many years in the

    view, " don’t let too many " customers think of you; is a principle I believe, for example, do not know a network of people do not even know how to use the back button, if you let him see your eyes ", and then to you " oh, this is what; what, so, to design a customer does not need to think website to appear in your head that is to allow customers to have a feeling of " Oh, here it is what, what, what I want here, you see " two the following two websites:

    lets customers think about websites:


    does not require client to think about websites:


    obviously, the first site is the customer needs thinking, while the second site is not required on the customer, when creating a web site, you need to do is to the customer question removed, then your website is the user experience of qualified website.

    source: Guangxi Wu SEO training

    address: http://www.gxseo.org

    please indicate the source in the form of a link, otherwise please don’t reprint it.

    25 Jul

    Gold dream grassroots webmaster should take what firm operation determination

    as a webmaster, type of recruitment site itself operation takes a lot of effort, whether it is to attract businesses under the cooperative or online users, the system ran down will find the recruiting station is more like a process of information matching, enterprise satisfaction, job seekers may abandon the treatment is not good, job seekers satisfied, the enterprise may think the other qualifications is not deep enough, in short run longer, feel more quickly and effectively achieve information symmetry is the purpose of every recruitment website. He is not a master, but by virtue of their own efforts or accumulate a lot of experience, the hands of the Qiannan recruitment network the current weight is 4, IP 2000, which results in addition to optimizing the work to do, or for their own understanding of the industry more. I personally talkative, could not write a long and minute statement, next I write down some experience by their share to everyone.

    sometimes everyone to the comprehensive effect of the so-called will most of the job resources listed on the site, only in accordance with the classification of several categories, it did so because some owners want their resources to expand in order to meet the needs of more people search desire, resources, covering areas, so it is possible to meet every one came to the site of job seekers. This seemingly safe practice is not conducive to their own development. First of all we all know people will have access to fixed trends, such as age and level of audience classification, for high viscosity flow expansion will change is an efficient approach, otherwise it will be a waste of resources, if you do not believe, for the recruitment website of non first-tier cities, its open position the rate of only about 70%, and 30% for the rest of the owners have to do the maintenance work at No one shows any interest in, this is not a waste of


    differentiation is the most talked about place, although in the two or three tier cities, the competition of similar sites is not many, but looking at the industry as a whole, recruitment website homogenization trend is still very serious. No doubt, everyone including myself are actively seeking a solution, so the release of information form to work, the profit model will be changed and so on, meet the eye everywhere reform, but the reform does not mean seeking to reinvent the wheel, the core of the recruitment website do not change, that is looking for a job is the main line of the whole the site development of cable, so the only alternative is for the service. This shows up in Qiannan talent online, no matter what kind of information presentation I take, the user is looking for a job search bar has been in the most eye-catching position, because I think the job is the fundamental need to do a website.

    What is the core requirement of job

    is right now? Treatment, working environment and social status, the degree of concern of the three is also increased, therefore, whether you are doing the vertical field of recruitment or comprehensive recruitment business, you provide the position if not can cover more than three points, such as the salary very high, the environment is very poor, for example, the pressure is very small, ring.

    25 Jul

    Develop a good habit of analyzing websites

    came to the company on the morning of April 10th, and colleagues gathered around to do a carpet study of a website. He studied how he did the first page of Baidu’s home page.

    1. Baidu data analysis:

    included only 13 articles, home chain 22, weight 0, the chain 0, site time 9 months. From statistical data, this station has no reason to rank Baidu home first. From the time of the collection, the station from the first day up, no changes have been made, so I held the curiosity of the psychological link to the webmaster, through the conversation with the webmaster, let me doubt more. Webmaster I will not do optimization ranking, from the domain name to the purchase space and website production process, only 2 days, and put in space after no maintenance. Only visited 4,5 times only, Baidu snapshot of the date is 6 months ago, if I don’t mention this, the webmaster himself has forgotten the existence of the site.



    seems to ask nothing from the webmaster, only through the search engine to analyze, to computer analysis all day without any harvest. Does Baidu like the static to no update it? Let us update these articles every day, looking for the chain, writing soft webmaster, why?. The final analysis I got was only 2 words, "concise", and the page was concise and could not be more concise, even at least some of the web elements were not available.

    2. code analysis:

    1. top: only a paragraph description (< strong > welcome to XXX< /strong > no navigation)

    Title: only one sentence contains 3 keywords.


    Keywords:5 keyword contains the keyword for the title.

    Description: providing professional, attentive XXX without any special.


    Head section refers to the CSS style.

    2. middle: the middle part is the display of all the templates he has done. Click on the link to the two level page (the two page is not even TITLE).

    3. bottom: only a paragraph description (< strong > welcome you to XXX< /strong > no links, copyright, filing and other information).

    3. hands-on test:

    and remain perplexed despite much thought, rather than a test copy, so I try to put the main structure of this website to copy it, I added to the site as part of the display module template >

    24 Jul

    New sites propaganda build blog plus the chain of a few suggestions

    for personal websites and small business website, blog propaganda website is a no cost and effective means of promotion (can effectively increase the chain), especially for new sites, blog promotion is more important on the web site search engines plays a great role in promoting new sites to be included, so as soon as indexed by search engines, blogging is a good choice. Here are some personal experiences to note about building Blogs:

    1, the choice of the blog, this is a skill, not just a blog are worth promotion, only high compared to some weight, the search engine’s blog is frequently patronize and make great efforts to promote the domestic well-known blog website listed below for reference: Sina blog, blog, blog Sohu net, matador, Sadie blog, and the blog, Baidu space, MSN Blogbus, Tom blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, NetEase China bokee.com, Google blog, blog, blog, its crooked cool day, blog, blog, blog, blog network china.com. More than 21 blogs in the Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu NetEase blog, Baidu space, the most important of the 5 blog, suggested that the 5 blogs each application 2-5 accounts to focus on the promotion, of course more than 21 blogs are worth more than two accounts for the promotion, as for other blogs in general website promotion to set up an account on the line.

    2, blog Links and favorites, the rational use of these two tools are of great help to the promotion of your site, all of the blog chain on your homepage, this needless to say, but also to establish a link between blog and blog to promote each other, the 5 key recommendations of all known as blog blog the chain presented above, and between 21 blogs listed above are linked to each other.

    3, included in the blog, this is very important, because only your blog is included, blog links is effective to increase the chain link to your website, the first time to do many new Adsense blog propaganda do not pay attention to, and I have eaten this badly, prior to the new publicity and the establishment of the more than 20 blog submission included after never notice, and to develop a new blog, when two weeks back view there are 15 blogs are not included, it is embittered, white update so many articles, so that the blog after the submission included to regularly check included, the best time weekly check those who were not included in the blog, it is impossible to give up, but the above 21 are included to ensure that the best of each blog.

    4 blog updates, this is also very important, when many new Adsense blog is built on the left, do not update the old blog and ran to the development of the new blog, it can be said that this is poundfoolish, blogs and web sites also need to rely on to maintain the vitality of the update to attract spiders, so the chain will gradually rise, suggestions on the blog updated weekly 1-2 times.

    24 Jul

    Website optimization needs more marketing SEO

    to do network marketing, and traditional marketing is very different, the biggest difference is that the object of network marketing is not just people, there are "spider man."". But, now many people, in doing network promotion, network marketing, more and more confused, put aside the ultimate object of marketing – people, blindly pursue pure SEO technology. The mind used in the "Spider Man" body, always thinking about what method, what skills can make the website ranking is improved, bring good flow.

    Is the lifeblood of

    traffic on network marketing people, only with the flow, all other marketing can be cast. But traffic is not the key, there is not necessarily a good flow of good marketing results. Business is talking about repeat customers, do network marketing, also need to return rate, as well as PV value.

    , if the website planner does not understand marketing, does not understand the user psychology, does not understand the user to use the custom, then designs the website which makes, most also is not successful. As a hospital, the website is used not only for business, but also for publicity. Therefore, the website, especially the homepage design, must not put too much information, like the integrated portal website. Home needs concise and generous, want to let a person see, feel this hospital is trustworthy. A web site that makes people feel comfortable and trustworthy will naturally attract people to remember and subconsciously play a good role for later consumption.


    content page is very important. When a user reads an article, he or she has a considerable relationship with web design and content recommendations. When we enter some good websites, we will find that when we go in and read an article, we will see another one. After reading it, we can see another one". This is good adhesion, that is, the PV value is high.

    each hospital has its own selling point and marketing activities (I collectively call them "ads"), which are more or less reflected on the website, but where are the ads placed on the page?. Google Aadsense know thermography knows that advertising on the effect of different positions is a big difference. Some studies have shown that the line of sight of people in traffic web pages follows the "F" trajectory. That is, the beginning part, usually from left to right to see the web page, and then from top to bottom of the line of sight, rarely from left to right. So it’s best to put ads where people don’t bother to browse the web, but they can’t turn a blind eye to it.

    Most people in

    know the situation on the website before they decide to consult. So, a business will enter the website, "bouncing" jump out, is very hate. So some websites don’t let it jump out, let users need their own request, feel that this is very user-friendly. In fact, the user is not so active, I think that allows users to enter the website at least half a minute and then jump out of business to provide better service. Specific time according to your website user visit, stay time to decide, still don’t know how to decide, see your webmaster statistics.

    Some phrases, slogans and pictures on the

    website are best

    24 Jul

    Through Airbnb Sino US O2O differences and heavy operating trends

    [Airbnb] the most important basis is that people have extra resources to share, which is why they can grow first in the American environment. Airbnb creates a new platform through sharing.


    Wen / Huo Ju,

    the last 2 years, I’d like to write about Airbnb and Uber. I was concerned about the two companies since they were very young, and I firmly believe that they will accomplish great things. Today, they are already 10 billion dollar valuations. What is this concept? The concept is that their unlisted valuations have surpassed many of the NASDAQ listed Internet Co.

    some people say that they are the new generation of bubbles, and many people like me think they are reasonably priced. I have a lot to share with the two companies. Since I live in Canada and can experience them more directly and with a long-term interest in them, I think I can write articles that are different from the current media coverage.

    recently, in order to fully satisfy my curiosity about Airbnb, I took home a room List to Airbnb, has hosted several of the guests also earn a little money, even a Canadian Aboriginal Inuit (Eskimo), to experience a lot of details, I believe the story than the media the same report more interesting.

    this series of articles will have analysis, present situation, experience and story, so it is called "non title party", so as to distinguish the title from the translation.

    in China, this kind of service is called O2O. Although the word "O2O" was first used by techcrunch, it is rarely mentioned in English articles, but Chinese articles are mentioned every day. In the United States, Airbnb is counted as a tourist service, and Uber is counted as a car service. At the same time, they are counted as sharing economy, the word narrower than the O2O is more accurate, but also let them and the group purchase service such as distinction, but I still love O2O this statement, it can hold a greater possibility.

    some of my judgment, in the next few articles, I will discuss them one by one.

    1, for the new model represented by Airbnb/Uber, the strategy of Copy to China is becoming more and more difficult.

    half a year ago, wrote an article mentioned Chinese Thomas, and American Internet start-up companies more and more different this phenomenon. I quite agree with his observation that the judgment is very acute. Although the cause and effect of this phenomenon I and his article have different views – this will be written again in the future. But whatever the reason and the result, I agree with that view, direct Copy To>

    24 Jul

    The condition is not low, the threshold is high how to use Tucao way to produce good content

    Tucao itself is a small circle of things, gradually become a mass culture, the so-called mass culture, that is, from scratch, spread to the production of organized. For the public, Tucao represents a kind of "discontent", "mild ridicule" enough, and sometimes even "severe attack" will be regarded as a tucao.


    Internet arena, NetEase building group famous. The NetEase building group, is not really such an organization, but netizens spontaneously in some news comments, these comments usually has two characteristics: 1, down 2, continuous; strong entertainment and Tucao. For example, one by one comment can be connected to a Tucao doggerel.

    some people think that the NetEase building group has brought huge and low cost traffic to NetEase, which is beneficial to its advertising management.

    IT people from the media arena, there is a three person, known to tucao. Honestly, I thought it was a table with three starts (which is a very famous famous blog) the three, later found not. Three is a very shy person, but it is characterized with tucao. It is said that before the ball is engaged in the assessment, now for the profession to engage in IT comments, and later to video animation as the main form of media and the voice of Tucao three tables Longmen, made fast, its style is also become an independent school in IT critics circle.

    in fact, with a table of three comrades is to Tucao as the main weapon, but with three tables for the three Tucao Tucao than the slightly higher.

    this is the difference between Tucao and criticism.

    criticism is a very serious matter. What is called criticism, on the whole, is generally accepted.

    Lu Xun is famous for criticism, but generally speaking, we don’t associate Lu Xun with the tucao.

    Tucao is more casual. And interestingly, even "Tucao" two words is how to birth, and quite a few words. Some people think Tucao is Taiwanese "dismissing smelly" transliteration, meaning "with sarcastic emotion or doubt", while others think about from the Japanese anime, both of them from different sources, and also some subtle differences in meaning.

    to three Tucao as an example. Three invented a word, called "position", actually refers to the angle and position. This position with a hint of words by three for Erotic Writing Methods eight children, not what "emotion or doubt", on the whole, the word Tucao style, belongs to the field of Japanese animation.

    compared to criticism, Tucao style content has the following characteristics:

    1, with a spoof of nature, the more popular and short, rarely go a long and minute statement or allusive, is affixed to the ground of the road. In very short text, >

    24 Jul

    Talking about the relationship between website brand and domain name

    write an article webmaster to get rid of the search network of a brand is the premise, interested can go to ADMIN5.COM and see (because of my article is generally starting at A5) as mentioned in the so-called network brand, so as not a webmaster not closely related the website brand name, is everyone in concern.

    read many articles always stressed the importance of the domain name, or are in close agreement for the site name and URL, has been on me to do the so-called "trash" must first consider the domain name and then go to the location called the name of the site, such as my http:// www.zenyangjianfei.cn is the first registered domain name after consideration the name of the site, even if I want to do this website the name of the site, if the domain name registration is not the words that I always think of the name of the site is not professional, I just give an example in this, completely Never mind and so-called website brand, because in my eyes, I start from the birth of the website for a moment I will give her labeled "trash" label, so in this article the scope of it, so in the end there is between the brand and website domain name What’s the relationship?.


    network was full of domain name plays important role in the brand website, for example, Zhanzhan is equal to the "webmaster", nvren is equal to ", "a woman; even too much of what the company out much of the high prices to buy what kind of domain name and similar articles, can be said that the Internet. Is the heart, but do not think so, although there is the close relationship between the domain name and website brand, the only choice, and the public domain is not complete brand is shaping the brand website, you look at the Sina did not enable Xinlang, NetEase is not used Wangyi this domain as its own web site, in fact there is a lot of brand and website. Just like fried hot game "Moore Park" is not Moore Park or spelling jianpin.

    based website promotion brand can in their existing website to give themselves an independent personality name and not confined to the URL of the domain name now narrow definitions, or even completely and horses and not the name of the domain name, such as you do stand long class website, does not necessarily have to as a webmaster nets, Adsense stand, the owners of the home owners have to take the name, because you are the brand promotion and a domain name is not simple, often we are to know the name of the site or brand then know this brand or web site, like Sina I know is this two words of sina, then they know the domain name is sina.com.cn, although there are a lot of people think that invisible Xinlang should be their domain name.

    The brand of

    website can be independent of content of domain name or website theme even