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26 Feb

The balance of treasure CAITONG from the central bank emergency restrictions

Beijing News (reporter Su Manli) the central bank intends to limit the third party account transfer amount news sparked concern of many investors, Alipay and CAITONG yesterday responded that the balance of treasure and wealth through the purchase and redemption will not be affected. On the same day, Celestica fund deputy general manager Zhou Xiaoming said that since this time the balance of treasure has maintained a net purchase.

bank card payments are not affected directly by

"the draft limit is third party payment account and the amount of the transfer, the user CAITONG platform purchased treasure of Chinese wealth fund, purchase funds are paid directly by bank card, cash redemption is provided directly through the bank card. The above does not belong to the third party account payment and transfer business scope, unrestricted impact." CAITONG yesterday issued a statement to investors.

Alipay has made a similar response. "Our understanding of policy and communication with regulatory authorities based on Alipay, fast payment users purchase and redemption balances treasure, now and in the future will not be affected in any way."

The central bank said in a specified

being consulted, third party personal single account transfer payment does not exceed $1000, not more than 10 thousand yuan cumulative; single individual payment account shall not exceed the amount of consumption of 5000 yuan, monthly cumulative amount not exceeding $10 thousand. In addition, the transfer of funds can only be used for consumption and transfer out, not to mention back to the bank account. The approach raises investor concerns, some people worry that the balance of treasure in the future is not only buy 10 thousand yuan a year, or can only redeem $1000 each.

survey and Statistics Bureau of the central bank Sheng Songcheng wrote yesterday that the balance of treasure and other money market funds to invest in bank deposits subject to reserve management. This will once again test the balance of treasure mobility.

Ma Yun Tucao was defeated file

"now the balance of treasure yields continue to decline, the balance of treasure map a readily accessible, if the death card, also called the balance of treasure?" Ms. yuan recently put the balance of treasure redemption, like Ms. yuan idea a few investors. Alipay said: "our customer service these days have been crazy, often the phone was ringing off the hook, we continue to emphasize to investors, this is the draft did not affect us."

balance treasure fund manager Wang Dengfeng told reporters yesterday that the draft is a draft, that is still in the drafting stage, has not been formally promulgated, but not implemented. Even if the future policy adjustments, the balance of treasure will not happen can not redeem the situation, but may not be as convenient now.

"sometimes, it’s not technology that can defeat you, it’s probably just a file." Ali group chairman of the board of directors held last night, Alibaba (scroll information) technology forum, said. Ma Yun this statement is considered to be the central bank document response.


balance treasure: future revenue will decline

faces increasingly stringent regulation, the balance of treasure

26 Feb

Electricity fees deter time-honored higher input costs

in order to enhance the profit margins, the electricity supplier platform to introduce the third party sellers to expand the category, but the appearance of rare commodity. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that this is not the time-honored enterprises do not have the net demand, but in the process of negotiation and B2C business platform in the entry fee threshold barrier.

a consumer to the Beijing Business Daily reporter to reflect, had wanted to buy an old product, several large B2C electronic business platform are not found related products. Beijing Daily reporter then found that "Yidege ink" as an example, are hard to find in the search results most of the electricity supplier B2C platform. Even if it is involved in the time-honored goods website, the manufacturer is not Yidege shipping company.

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from a number of old enterprises, want to enter the major B2C electronic business platform, companies need to pay a lot of money every year, which becomes a barrier between the two sides. It is understood that B2C electronic business platform charges include platform fees, service or quality margin, transaction commissions or transaction fees and other services. The major B2C electronic business platform usage fees ranging from 6000-6 million, the service margin is also a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars, the transaction is based on the proportion of the payment transaction content extraction.

in the face of his time-honored face some lack of confidence in online shopping. As a responsible person to the Beijing Daily reporter calculations, a B2C business platform as an example, the platform for quality guarantee to pay 60 thousand yuan fee, 50 thousand yuan platform. In addition, for each order, companies also need to pay a commission of 5.5%. The platform shall, if neiliansheng sales reached 600 thousand yuan, it will refund the cost of using platform. That is to say, when the sales volume reaches this figure, the cost of the enterprise is the lowest. But these costs do not include the promotion of marketing investment." In his view, do not understand the old channels of online shopping channels, most do not dare to try. Hongluo food and other time-honored enterprises also said that enterprises B2C business platform higher input costs.

online shopping has gradually become a pillar of the development of the retail industry, it is difficult to turn a blind eye to the old business. Moreover, enterprises in the traditional retail channels have done a certain scale, but also need to further through new channels. But at present, the overall spread of online shopping channels at least need to invest hundreds of thousands of years, which is only a few hundred dollars a year for the profits of the old enterprises, channel expansion means gambling.

Beijing Institute of Business Economics Secretary Lai Yang, currently focused on time-honored enterprises to adapt to the new consumer demand and ensure the quality of products, the cost is mainly consumed in these two areas, to develop the network marketing channel cost budget is very low. He believes that the third party online shopping platform similar to the big supermarket, you can get a lot of customer browsing, but the purchase rate is the direct factor in determining the income of enterprises. Old brand enterprises to understand and master the modern network marketing model is less, less professional, it is difficult to achieve effective management of the third party platform

26 Feb

Easy fast on-line emergency station system 3C September promotion war parity overweight

"8.15" electricity supplier price war has not disappeared, before the real business sales peak "golden nine silver ten" the arrival, and lasted to the battlefield between the business enterprise and comparison website. Yesterday, a Amoy network issued a notice that Jingdong mall in the site to join the interference code, resulting in the user can not normally start a Amoy Tao Tao Tao’s parity function. Although the Jingdong store explained that a cat is its rival Alibaba’s website, but still be some friends as a Jingdong in 815 broke the mall business after World War after the first price reduction, counter false promotion information behavior.

fast and easy online parity station system

The reporter saw

in micro-blog, including Dangdang, Gome (micro-blog), website and Kuba take the hit the banner of price support. In the 8.15 electricity supplier war which stands out in the fast and easy network today also told reporters that even if the Jingdong screened a Amoy network, easy fast will also go on parity with Jingdong.

easy fast network operator Pan Biao told reporters, as early as the first half of this year, Yi Xun secretly developed their own station parity system, and during the 8.15 trial run on the line. The system will automatically grab the Jingdong per hour rivals such as price, then the Jingdong mall price index is set to 100, if the price is lower than the Jingdong. A price index, Yi Xun is shown as 99, and so on. Prior to the fast and easy Jingdong and the price is entirely artificial browsing.

Pan Biao said that every hour, the category operations manager Yi Xun will receive automatic system issued by such a statement, and then they will hand the price according to the report, especially in sales of high explosion goods, make sure the price competitiveness. Yi Xun from September to the end of December, hope the average price index maintained at around 97, which is 3 points lower than the Jingdong.

it is understood that the system only in the background operation, the future will likely show to the product page, consumers can directly see the Jingdong, Suning and other platform of the same product price when shopping.

and parity data from Amoy network also showed that although the price war died down trend. But in the 3C category, Yi Xun network has been ranked in the top second at a low price. The data from the NetEase also shows that the price war is also the only fast and easy network prices continued to decline in the electricity supplier business.

wants to compete in the national and Jingdong

however, although easy fast in the competition which has always been the Jingdong as a benchmark opponent, but before the date of the Jingdong (micro-blog) mall CEO Liu Qiangdong told a media interview that "fast and easy scale is too small, in the past 50 years, the Jingdong will not play fast and easy".

this, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi told reporters responded: "the price war is not intended to respond to the Jingdong, but with the real price and quality service to grab the market, as long as consumers benefit, market response.

26 Feb

About agricultural electricity supplier journey to the west

said the agricultural electricity supplier, now for all of us, agriculture is the journey to the inside of the Tang Seng meat, along with the rise of agricultural electricity providers, that Sun Wukong also appeared equal to anything, but this is really the case?

After all

words, Sun Wukong is not to a monk’s control, so he is not equal to anything, but now the trend is that agriculture, agricultural electricity providers is raging like a storm but still have to consider, to the real situation of agriculture, so as to take the open foot, walk the road spacious.

but in the development of the agricultural electricity supplier, in fact, and the journey to the west is almost the same, the same is to go through many tests and hardships, can take to the Scriptures, smooth success, although only eighty-one difficult journey to the west, but the agricultural electricity providers to go facing up and more than eighty-one.

information life, for the farmers, how to be in the forefront of information, how can not outdated.


is certainly agricultural is contacted with the farmers, they are very honest peasant, sometimes can be used to describe the information blockade, except for those suburbs or villages. Although the new farmers, farmers also college students started their own agriculture, but there are few, and they for new things have been the best period of study at the beginning, how you want them online shopping, how to scan code. Or simply browse the web page is very laborious, but on the other hand, may be a Tencent or a cool dog in the entertainment software big coffee may be pleased to smile, but they do not buy things, the children are not around, no one, no one, how do you do


who is busy throughout the year, agricultural electricity providers decide on what path to follow when not busy.

this thing must be a lot of people want to engage in business matters, half is not open, open to eat half of the things that you think you can go far, so we want to expand their own thing, whether it is in terms of raw materials, or to broaden the sales in the area above all, the reason why there will be idle time is because you don’t find enough customers, and not really a busy life, busy just for a few people.

ambition can sometimes, although agricultural electricity providers journey to the west is still continuing, but still have the same line as the Tang master team, cloud farm, which is more representative, he is our learning goals, of course he is in progress. Journey to the West continues.

26 Feb

Another way to force the United States market HUAWEI terminal self business platform

[Abstract] for the status of the U.S. operator channel, HUAWEI said it would continue to strengthen cooperation, but it can not rely solely on operators.

Tencent technology Guo Xiaofeng Las Vegas January 7th

U.S. local time on January 6th, CES 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas officially kicked off today. According to the observation of Tencent technology field, compared to previous years the majority of mobile phone manufacturers did not release, on the other hand, home appliance manufacturers in the day before the frequent heavy attack, so that the industry agreed that CES returned to the original home appliances exhibition.

from this year’s performance is still good HUAWEI terminal point of view, there is no new release. In this regard, consumers BG vice president of marketing Shao Yang told the Tencent in science and technology field interview said, "on the one hand, according to HUAWEI terminal overall product planning cycle, CES is not in the column; secondly, in the U.S. market, the overall performance of HUAWEI terminal in the last year and not much improvement."

however, in 2015, HUAWEI terminal for the U.S. market has planned a number of measures. In the U.S. market, operators still can not shake the strong position of HUAWEI, on the one hand, continue to consolidate the relationship between the transformation from the OEM; on the other hand will open up new channels to find the best breakthrough."

U.S. self built electricity supplier channel

is well known, unlike other parts of the world, about 95% of smartphone sales in the U.S. market are sold through the operator channel. The industry often said, who can get U.S. operators, who can occupy a place in the local mobile phone market.


mobile phone in the domestic sales in the U.S. market, experience is quite tortuous. The reason: on the one hand, the long-term role of OEM is slow, on the other hand, HUAWEI identity and other factors have been suffered by the United States market squeeze.

in this regard, Shao Yang said, "last year our market share in the United States than in 2013, is a focus on Europe, Africa and other markets, the U.S. market is affected by many factors plagued the development is not ideal. But starting in the third quarter of 2014, we have a goal to break through the U.S. market."

it is understood that in the United States market is the most important operation is Verizon, AT& T, Sprint, T-Mobile four, which were T and AT& Japan’s Softbank mergers and acquisitions, but in the U.S. market still maintain independent operations. HUAWEI terminal is currently mainly in cooperation with the majority of T-Mobile, the previous plan and the largest Verizon cooperation is not reached because of government factors.

for the status of the U.S. operator channel, Shao Yang said it would continue to strengthen cooperation, but it can not rely solely on operators. So in June last year, HUAWEI opened the transformation of the U.S. mobile phone channels, self built official B2C website (www.gethuawei.com), settled in the Amazon (US) electronic business platform, >

26 Feb

Fresh electricity supplier fireworks taste thick, cold chain logistics is still very painful

as the largest electricity supplier of food in the blue ocean, fresh electricity supplier with its gross margin, market demand has become the brightest electricity supplier competition big cake". In addition to Tmall, Jingdong and other integrated electronic business platform to actively layout fresh market, vertical fresh electricity providers such as daily excellent fresh, originally living network have also joined the fresh strategic layout. Since the "cake" is so great, why fresh electricity has not been broke out, in addition to its high rate of loss of fresh products in the distribution of pain, pain points, most of the fresh electricity supplier of the "last mile" is always difficult to break through the cold chain logistics is fresh forever.

fresh electricity supplier fireworks taste very thick

A data

enfodesk show that in 2014 China’s fresh electricity supplier transactions was 28 billion 980 million yuan, representing an increase of 122.6%; Analysys analyst believes that in 2017 Chinese fresh electricity supplier transactions will exceed 140 billion yuan. Fresh electricity supplier as the largest electricity supplier of food, blue ocean, there are always crazy influx of venture capital companies, and frequent access to capital investment enthusiasm.

in the past 2015, originally life network at the beginning of the year announced the completion of the B round of tens of millions of dollars of investment; the orchard every day in May this year, the Jingdong tens of millions of dollars of investment; in September, the electricity supplier community love fresh bee announced the completion of $70 million C round of financing; today, November 12th, mobile fresh business platform "daily and fresh" announces B round of financing 200 million yuan, while in the just concluded "double eleven", also has a strong smell of fresh electricity "fireworks".

Ma Yun in this year’s "double eleven" to start the ceremony, price of 38888 yuan to buy a Japanese fishing from cryopreservation of bluefin tuna, a move intended to preheat fresh electricity in the "double eleven" heat, in order to make fresh electricity more international, Ali and from around the world hundreds of fresh industry association signed cooperation agreement.

also in the double eleven Shopping Festival, Jingdong orders exceeded 10 million, of which fresh products into sales champion. November 5th, Jingdong announced in Beijing, its Jingdong logistics officially launched fresh cold chain logistics solutions, and open to businesses, fully into the domestic fresh cold chain logistics distribution. It is reported that the Jingdong of fresh cold chain distribution coverage of the city has reached 35 at present, in the north city served on the day of service, if we can solve the fresh electricity supplier of the biggest short board "cold chain logistics", which is the absolute advantage of Jingdong in fresh electricity market, while another advantage is its stake in the Jingdong this year Yonghui supermarket, to push fresh electricity supplier O2O in "double eleven" power distribution services, in the year earlier in May, the investment of the orchard every day, fresh electricity supplier layout is perfect.

compared to Ali and Jingdong, another Internet giant Amazon fresh items while in "double eleven" period is not too much action, but the focus of this year’s force in the field or in the fresh electricity supplier, in May this year has launched fresh Pavilion, Amazon China >

25 Feb

Taobao customer site program selection of high income analysis


passenger is now becoming more and more popular, more and more people are doing, may veteran obviously feel now is more and more difficult to make money, just different before a program can make money, the conversion of the flow is very high. Taobao is now a class of Web sites are everywhere, free of charge everywhere. SEO will know that the same procedure with no modification to the SEO is not possible. BAIDU like original. It’s the same thing as the acquisition. BAIDU wouldn’t like such a station. Through the analysis of a lot of high income sites, for example, why www.520eg.com said his website is very characteristic of this site I dare to ensure that BAIDU is very fond of. The following reasons.

the first point is that such a site to join the store function, the shop is manually increased, so that the benefits of similar API and similar sites, his data is not the same, not the same. BIADU is considered to be the same as the original, so BIADU like this site included.

second points, there is the article system, and the system has joined the pseudo original function, the most important thing is that the article can increase the chain of the system can also make your site more content.

third points, API call the title of the commodity, the content has done a pseudo original treatment. This is more suitable for. Content like original.

I’m not trying to advertise that a web site can’t be bought. Just use this site to illustrate a few points. Also want to want to do Taobao friends in Taobao guest site before the analysis of such procedures is not to let Baidu like. Because you build a website to make money. If the content is the same in front of the site they are included in the contents of a lot of a lot, compared to your site may be included in the very few, very few words on how to deal with traffic.

this article by www.520eg.com first A5 (www.admin5.com) want to reprint a friend for me to keep a connection thank you

25 Feb

Pulse panelpower member recruitment activity change notice

received the advertisers notice, panelpower member recruitment activities, 20-30 year old members have been recruited, the age range of the data will not be certified, 31 year old -50 year old members recruited normal.

welcome to actively put.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: http://www.myad.cn

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Admin5 alliance channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

if you are a league Commissioner, please give me the latest information back to us, we are the first time to broadcast to everyone. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:9999086@gmail.com

25 Feb

A SEO beginner’s voice

SEO a beginner’s voice

for a long time, has been watching A5, but never leave own a word or two, do not want to say, but don’t know how to say. As a SEO beginner, in the face of the A5 veteran senior webmaster, deep fear of a word will lead to a scolding. But today, determined to represent the majority of the initial entry into the SEO this line of friends to express feelings.

why to step into the ranks of the SEO, because a lot of friends around are doing this, out of curiosity, for no reason to step into the bottomless abyss. SEO distance is a long process, for the beginners, it is full of frustrations, because we do not have enough experience, are often not very good to adapt to the changes of Baidu, need not to cater to Baidu’s ultimate fate is as can be imagined.

but as a beginner I, always maintained a passion for beginners, from the most simple to learn the basic knowledge, a little put his arm, let yourself know more. But in the face of Baidu change rapidly change, don’t know how long I can keep the passion? Baidu algorithm update last week, to reduce their It is without rhyme or reason. website traffic, ranking drop, for a beginner, the blow can be said than bird flu panic bigger.

so, as a beginner, in the end how to face Baidu change, learn SEO? For one thing, you need to know their own learning SEO for what? What is the essence of SEO? Some people say that in the world of SEO is "content is king, the chain for emperor" to ensure that your site has some original content updates every day, plus some of the high quality of the chain, the website will naturally have a ranking. Indeed, the original content of this update is the most basic, high quality of the chain can also bring a lot of traffic. However, we may ignore the point, that is the most critical point of the user experience.

actually, we do not SEO to the original content and do, nor for the chain of high quality hair done, the ultimate goal of SEO is to allow users to have a good user experience on our website, so you have to know, not to do SEO to do SEO, such as if your position is wrong, the results may end will be very bleak.

said this, some people may ask, since the user experience is so important, then, how can we do the user experience? What are the specific performance of the user experience? Let me give you a brief introduction:

1, we all know that the original content is very important, but we don’t just say to the original, the original thing is not something of value, we must be content to meet the needs of users, is the needs of users.

2, the user to your site, in addition to find useful things, but also have a good sense of experience, also

25 Feb

Special interview with NetEase


poison was interviewed expo-plast Alliance (www.ete.cn) for Mr. Zhu Zhenwei, the following is the content of the interview I order:

Note: the

webmaster network is poisoning =   = poison; Zhu et Alliance for Mr. Zhu Zhenwei

poison: Hello, I am webmaster network is responsible for the alliance information called Ding Jianzhong have time to do an interview?

Zhu: Well, hello! I am ET alliance, Zhu Zhenwei, just our company may and I said, very pleased to meet you!

: I may contact with poison more, very heart today to see you today

Zhu: me too, take a look at what I can help you, if you have a problem, you can ask me directly

poison: grace. Well。 Et is also a veteran of the alliance. Zhu can you give me a brief introduction about the history of the development of special


Zhu: good! Easy advertising alliance in August 2005 by the US President Xu Junfen established, I also did not join et at that time, I was in January 2006 to join et, et at that time was a small Xu Jun alliance, later he led us to the development of today, now expo-plast network advertisement, including the following: Business advertising, interactive marketing. Joint report of several pieces of business, and now the league this piece of business, I am responsible!

virus: each alliance has focused on the development, I continued in so many business in the most focused piece of business development? Or what is the best business development, the most representative?

Zhu Yite: Union, now the development of most business focused on the CPM and CPC of the two block, and had just started the matrix can be developed, but also because the matrix in CPM and CPC in this respect, some outstanding advantages, from the quality of the site, to the effect of monitoring, this one we spend a lot of time and material inputs!

: Excuse me, is how to treat toxic expo-plast malicious click or click fraud?

Zhu: malicious and fraudulent clicks, now on China union can be said to be very common phenomenon, in this field, we have a lot of hard work, for example, in advertising at the same time, we will join the tracking code, statistical advertising click past the arrival rate, two clicks, mouse click to display advertising value, the ratio of time, click on the area ratio, which is to prevent cheating in technology, and in the manual, company specializes in the development of a main site management system, credit rating of the stationmaster, and someone regularly through the webmaster artificial cheating and rating!

poison: this year the Internet can be said to be dark, because many of the union are closed down, you feel with Google adsnes>