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  • 16 Sep

    On the three step of quickly finding accurate keywords

    two, see Links anchor text

    by analyzing the opponent’s website, you can clearly understand the main opponents of what kind of keywords, if he is a high weight station, then we should avoid his main keywords, after all, to fight it, the weight placed there half will certainly not positive transcendence, so, and do not not sure to find another clever size. For opponents of the column page will be equipped with some of the more practical, so we can through the analysis of his opponent’s column page keywords ranking, column page weight, included, as their opponents to go beyond the column page with the home page, I have confidence.


    if only a few home or one or two, so to go beyond the front page much more chance. But also to see if there is no home key rivals include these keywords, title have these words. If good luck, if not, then beyond easy. So, the anchor text Links in search keywords is also the most effective. The flow of search volume are not low, as long as it takes a little time to optimize the good natural ranking steadily.

    webmaster search for keywords most should be through the love of Shanghai index such as a query tool, actually this kind of index is not reliable. Sometimes there are people, so a lot of traps, and when I chose one that is not competitive and flow, but ignore the user search habits, the keywords it is in vain. So, this choice of keywords not reliable. Today I share method to get the keywords from the competition website:

    many webmaster looking for keywords is the use of love Shanghai index and some other related work station query tool, is the most effective method of finding keywords is through the opponent’s website, analysis of Links anchor text to determine their keywords is more. But at the time of the analysis, we can put the opponent several anchor text record. Then what kind of rival Web links, ranking the weight of each other and so on, detailed analysis, nature can determine which words match values, combined with the search engine to check the anchor text keywords on the front page of the station which is home or inside pages.

    three, check the opponent off.

    , a rival view section of the web site keywords


    after all, everyone knows the weight of the home page and column page is definitely better than the high ranking will be good, so the search engine to compare the value of the home page, the home page, column page competition advantage selection with the opponent, grasp is just. Keywords to the opponent’s column page, we can carefully analysis the main column page keywords is what the general main is quite real, nobody is willing to do not flow no search volume. So, through the opponent’s column page can dig out more accurate keywords, and the flow is also good.

    16 Sep

    Love Shanghai abnormal analysis of 7.27 data update

    morning when the website of Shanghai Longfeng data scared me last night, love Shanghai let me update website data change is not normal, the website included the number rose by nearly half, but mainly lies in the love of Shanghai anti chain growth, I believe many long sites included the number and last night the chain number certainly soared a lot, whether it is good or bad phenomenon phenomenon? The data to look at a website.



    two: love Shanghai chain number soared

    can be seen from the figure of July 24th to July 26th of the Shanghai love chain number hovering around 400, I insist on doing every day in the work of the chain, before always complain about the love Shanghai chain number rising slowly, that is slow because the chain work done by the author and love Shanghai included the chain number is not proportional, although I still do in the chain to search for more ways, the purpose is to increase the more love Shanghai chain number, but did not expect the July 27th love Shanghai anti chain increases will be so large, which makes the author very worried, after all the data rises too high in general are not the normal situation, the author very long had not encountered such a situation, the chain may be done before was introduced, and the database with hyssop not put out because of it, it will The love of Shanghai update situation rises too high.

    how to treat?After

    three: love Shanghai chain number soared to change the strategy of



    : love Shanghai chain number soared

    love the face of Shanghai anti chain number soared, the author thinks that the chain should be more perfect to do, for some junk the chain no longer firmly, the so-called junk the chain including video chain, quiz the chain blog, the chain of the three, to avoid the occurrence of Shanghai love again the chain soared, as far as possible to the high quality of the chain, in fact, the high quality of the chain is not only on the chain weight > high, but stable and lasting until the

    , the author analyzes the data according to the Shanghai love chain, found a lot more than the rather baffling acquisition station, after the discovery of the original one by one to see, is the author of a few days ago provided a Chengdu moving company telephone number in the "ask questions", and attached to the website with the domain name in the content, a question the rough statistics only from the ask let the website chain number increased nearly 50, estimates that many webmaster will think this is a good thing, but in fact these let the author very upset, after all, these are the garbage outside the chain, estimated after this situation will, I dare not to "ask questions, so as to avoid the possibility of being love Shanghai right down.


    16 Sep

    Love Shanghai in the image search engine Era

    love in Shanghai to enhance the user experience of the time, the first to open the era, is a kind of technology to enhance the user experience, but also the sublimation.

    1, according to

    Our experience:

    Lee told us:

    1, at present the webmaster will need only pictures on the page in the main content, Shanghai will love the corresponding image recognition and scene recognition, follow-up will provide protocol specification;

    ? three

    Lee for providing us with examples, we conducted a check, in fact, examples of sites did not like Lee said, the size of the picture as close to 121:75. But the picture scaling approach 121:75 that is to say, love Shanghai grab image mode is not required, but there is a picture compression and automatically scaled down the pictures.

    a few days ago, a friend to consult website search results appear in the picture at the site to re create, but the premise is must appear to be "Shanghai love reading" in the form of search results.

    love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in January 17, 2014 released a report written by Lee "into the era of pictures". Thus, we can search relevant keywords in the search engine, the search results will appear "picture + title + description form. What is the meaning of this form of profound

    360 search engine was very high-profile said to do the green search engine, but according to authoritative website statistics, 360 market share reached 25.99%, but the user is still installed 360 basic search browser and user groups, some of the older; because of the new Sogou and soso merger, market share reached 11.72%; set aside love Shanghai, the rest of the search engine only accounted for less than 2% of the market share, so love Shanghai nearly 61% of the market share in China is still the king of search engines, it is indisputable that want to subvert the domestic love Shanghai position in a few years, it is equal to.

    to solve this problem, I think many of my friends also don’t know the truth, here is simple talk about their own website and Lee information combined with "reading model" experience.

    2, love Shanghai grab "picture" is different. Grab the home page picture, is normal grab to remove Banner, the first close to 121:75 pictures of spiders crawl page read; the picture, is to grab the first picture of the content page, and this kind of web page also has a high weight ratio to shrink to the geometric picture >

    3, must be closely related to the content of a page, if there is cheating or bad low quality images, there will be corresponding processing mechanism: A, shield map; B, C, URL reduce the station ranking; serious ZhengZhan will be affected by

    2, the size of the picture as close as possible to the 121:75;

    16 Sep

    Love Shanghai upgrade site verification to remind owners to hurt the interests of


    love Shanghai action more and more frequent, as more and more open on the surface, and let the webmaster website more standardized and systematic, but a series of actions is a bit faster. Go far too fast, it is easy to kill. Since the launch of Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, I love Shanghai most often concern, pay attention to new trends and news.

    to Shanghai’s existing technology, before the validated website even after adjustment of Shanghai still can not love, and to love Shanghai verification promised never expires. Unfortunately, Shanghai does not have this love reminder and interpretation.

    is a word > in most China Internet

    open Webmaster Platform, see the love of Shanghai in May 30th issued a "web site to verify the upgrade – no expired & support batch add sub station", read, is actually a good thing, let the station from the site to verify the frequent trouble, and can quickly obtain love Shanghai statistics. However, at the end of reminder, somewhat less, at the end of this is to remind the owners:

    on the first point, I want to say is already not very nice, but Google should be worthy of love Shanghai to study in this regard, Google through the verification, verification can delete files, or record label, there will not be what we will go to regularly check the validation records ", you know, the ownership of the right of verification of a web site but, in order to confirm the site owner, rather than non owners to leave a mark on the web search engine.

    1, after the verification, we will assume that you are the owner of this website. In order to make your website has been verified by the state, please retain the verification documents, HTML tags or CNAME records, we will regularly check the verification record.

    second is more reliable, what verified before May 30th the website also re verification? Don’t just because love the sea unilaterally update verification system, and the website user data before the other? Why not to love Shanghai before the data timely updates to existing systems, so as to let the webmaster without re verification a time of trouble. Of course, for the individual, re verification of a fee not big, nor what losses. But this seems to be a matter of attitude, as the world’s largest Chinese can also be said that the search engine for old users (even before May 30th verify the webmaster website called the old users) supposedly more preferential treatment, which is all the way of business enterprise. But now I love Shanghai words "from the start verification completed after 6 months will verify the expired advice before verification of the station as soon as possible in Webmaster Platform re verification", if we want to continue to use the relevant function, will need to re verify obediently.

    2, verified in May 30th before the site, from the start verification completed after 6 months will verify the expired advice before verification of the station as soon as possible in Webmaster Platform re verification, re verification after the authentication information does not expire.

    16 Sep

    Li Kaifu’s return to the first show talk about industry trends young people entrepreneurship into fa

    Disadvantages of

    on five years of subversion

    4, improve the profit efficiency of wangzhuan. According to the proportion of payment put forward higher requirements to the webmaster, no website profit pattern is an important factor to restrict the development of Chinese click wangzhuan. Due to the large increase in membership, improve the efficiency of the site, in addition to attract money make friends, site of the other way to make money is an important source of income for the owners, to make money to make money by clicking Register, master in a short time to gather a large amount of money, the website can turn down the normal move.

    technology news March 2nd afternoon, innovation works founder and CEO Li Kaifu held today in science and technology daily science and technology innovation forum, published on the digital revolution and entrepreneurship keynote speech.

    from the global trend, the past forty years to see the PC and the Internet revolution, the world has 2 billion devices, bringing new applications and global company. The development of the past five years, however, makes 30 years of hard work seem relatively small.

    he pointed out that people and equipment, people to connect, prompting the mobile Internet to change every aspect of life, including reading, social, voice, electricity providers, physical. Traffic. Travel, photography equipment and banking and cash. Looking back on the past, mobile phones have been speeding up every detail, changing their lives and jobs, and the industry has been subverted by the mobile internet.

    Innovation workshop founder and CEO Li Kaifu

    two and proportional payment

    2, easy to make friends of advertising. Now Chinese click Wangzhuan click value is 4 yuan 1000IP, there are friends website if there is no better way of profit is not too reluctant to spend money to buy advertising. Now paid in proportion, there are four cents you can send one thousand clicks of advertising, most of the friends earn or special like, send your own website, or send out link, feel the effect is really good.

    Why would Sina

    1, misunderstandings caused by payment. As the value of clicks increased by one hundred times, the actual payment was only 1%, and many friends didn’t see the net

    he hopes to discuss what factors contribute to the world’s cyber revolution through lectures, what Chinese entrepreneurs do, occupy second of the world’s position, and what the wave will continue to be.

    3., cloud computing, open source software, and venture capital make business costs at an all-time low;

    2. infrastructure construction, from cable networks to 4G5G, global operators use technology to provide huge bandwidth;

    4. helps the company grow very quickly with the help of Internet thinking;

    1., according to Moore’s law, the computational cost is greatly reduced;

    3, advocate good faith click, refuse cheating. Now click on the Chinese click Wangzhuan cheating too serious, the use of machine click harmful, click on the hook is a blow to the ability to make friends with the development of offline. According to the proportion of payment after the emergence of click fraud hit relatively large, as long as a cheat link member account automatically clear, to ensure a clean piece of the sky in the field of Wangzhuan wangzhuan.

    In his speech,

    5. smart people offer "smart money", including ideas, resources and connections Tencent invested $8 billion, and Ali invested $17 billion.

    the next five years, the trend of

    one, the advantage of proportional payment


    have a subversive change? Li Kaifu believes that the six phenomena will occur in parallel and accelerate the birth of a new wave of entrepreneurship. Six phenomena include:

    talked about the impact of the digital revolution and the practice of innovation workshops to analyze the current situation and trends of China’s scientific and technological start-ups. 17 years ago, in Beijing, I talked about future technology ideas and whether Zhongguancun would become a Silicon Valley. Looking back over the years, Zhongguancun has become the world’s top place for entrepreneurship."

    6. days to subvert the industry, most genius venture into the field, the field of limitless future.

    Chinese click Wangzhuan according to the proportion of payment is a new payment method presented recently, the initiator of evil is cola Wangzhuan hair. When coke hair Wangzhuan owners asked Mao rich uncle how to improve the quantity of websites registered members in a short period of time, rich uncle Mao made a suggestion to the webmaster, is to increase the click value, according to the proportion of pay, do not want to send the webmaster immediately adopted cola. The proportion of payment, click on the score is increased by 100 times, while the actual payment is paid according to the account the amount of 1%, for example, your every click is 1 cents, the accounts show is 1 yuan, the actual payment you get is a penny. This method has existed for more than three months, and uncle Mao paid a personal view on the pros and cons of the percentage payment.

    1, improve the traffic and membership registration wangzhuan. The click score increased by 100 times, have a certain appeal to make friends, you can imagine every click of a yuan of money, whether it is true or false to make friends have great appeal, the original humble 0.1 cents click seems to have a dime, after the publicity make friends, website traffic and membership registration will be greatly improved. Coke hair Wangzhuan registered members in a month to reach more than 6000 people, more than 7000 people to achieve membership registration in English Wangzhuan a month, this is one of the best proof.

    this is the first public speech since the theme of Li Kaifu beijing. In September 2013, innovation works announced Li Kaifu diagnosed with lymphatic cancer news, within a year and a half, he treated in Taipei, fighting battles. The return of the disease caused great concern and welcome in the scientific and technological circles.

    12 Sep

    The website of Shanghai dragon how to choose keywords and how to expand

    is often such as "Naruto", to many people are still looking for cartoon animation of the people? Search "apple price" is looking for electronic products the students still look at the recent apple growers in the wholesale price? "Small game".


    in many websites are still struggling to think "when keywords expansion" approach, if you consider the real needs of authentication, behind these search keywords in

    is now slightly more mature team, will have their own "industry search thesaurus" or "word", or even someone in the maintenance of Thesaurus (development, monitoring), but I found that in some amateur exchanges, in fact, can these words really make good, solid ground is not much, here are the reasons disconnect, editing and management training products and the Shanghai dragon communication, Kip touch, technical support is not in place and so on, although have a lot of industry search needs, but didn’t have a very good use, will see some extreme cases, such as "TAG" is the typical behavior of thesaurus in use, not grasp the contents of lead waste, no correlation is search engine punishment.

    For example,


    search engine has been in search of user data collection, and carries on the careful analysis of these data has been real demand behind, and will best meet the needs of the content to better search engine ranking, this is from the beginning to the present and future direction, and now the search engine it is precisely these years down the barriers the user search behavior data.

    search needs collection times, I personally think that has ended, now is the fight content organization, interaction, data analysis, and the utilization rate of the traffic industry, if you are arrange extension word, a good word behind the demand analysis, thinking about how to use these words more reliable, how to do "to meet the needs of" here I give a summary of some of their own experiences to share with you.

    nearly 2-3 years of long tail theory is a kind of website content construction, by the majority of owners generally recognized and used. Of course, there are many objective factors: such as the Internet information explosion after more sophisticated search content, the growing demand for thinning and fragmentation increased, the Internet is becoming more and more mature in industry competition, Shanghai dragon take the heat, the market is increasingly mature……

    search engine page ranking at present only 10 position, how to get a good ranking is not only more links, more important is whether you can meet the needs of the content, the user must not look back links to you, but your page content itself. We mentioned above, the search will analyze the user behavior, the algorithm is a lot, such as search, search, and then click behavior associated words, (you have not found love, Shanghai is now the two search URL, can already find keywords last) if the search engines will find better to meet: the needs of users to search the contents for the direction, then you can meet the needs of the content provider will have more opportunities.

    12 Sep

    How to write in the thinking of Shanghai Dragon


    The contents of

    all the articles will be the center of words, think of what things you in this article that the title of course has the best keywords that you.

    2, description

    article is part of a whole website, all the composition of the overall website content, to reflect the website of the Shanghai Phoenix effect, we must start from each article, written by Shanghai dragon thinking of every article of the network will make your website whole reflects Shanghai dragon so, the details determine success or failure. Write an article, Shanghai Dragon Center layout content is also the teacher Cardiff in Shanghai Longfeng thinking, which makes web site traffic is from the long tail effect.

    many webmaster friends did not develop good habits, add content to a website directly when the title, and then, and then released, this is not typical for Shanghai dragon thinking to write articles, this article though your content is very exciting, very original, but the search engine is not love, why, because he didn’t see where your center. In other words you don’t have to think from the perspective of a search engine, so you can post to get good rankings or have a certain degree of difficulty.


    description is abstract, is a summary of the content of the article, many of the current CMS system directly to the first part of the article as the interception, our view is that if your content is rich enough, enough to adequately explained you need to explain things, so we think description content is not essential. If you really need description content, so our suggestion is reasonable to add keywords, keyword is repeated 2-3 times more appropriate, and the text content of description is best not more than 100 words.

    1, title

    article we suggest is the best original content, of course it is not to be pseudo original, pseudo original is the best way to read other articles own words written, this actually should be original, oh.

    previously said.

    3, keywords

    search engine will ignore the new algorithm has keywords, so the effect of keywords on the basic search engine is very little, so for keywords, is your personal wishes, would like to add, do not want to ignore it and.

    then how to make a new publication to get the favour of search engine, get good rankings, then to write in Shanghai Longfeng thinking. Below we consultants from their own practice details about how to use the Shanghai dragon thinking writing.

    12 Sep

    The station was K- Shanghai dragon fast + + + stimulation routine stable correlation

    (3) the stability of the chain, many webmaster always said at the A5 forum, I >

    (1) site environment stability: the stability of the space domain or server, stable, improve the stability of the site itself, and also is the foundation of the site, only the site is stable, and the user can smoothly to love Shanghai spider your site visit.


    (1) whether the site stopped or, or be punished or. We want to do this station, so it is necessary to stimulate. What is the stimulus, that is a lot of links, let Shanghai reincluding love you, the only way to make up the site’s ranking.


    (2) is the stability of the frame, whether it is your home page or list page, the article page, stable framework, but also a manifestation of love for Shanghai spider friendly, stable framework, will let the love of spiders in Shanghai access to become a habit, if you think that Shanghai spiders access into the habit of love your site is not affected by love, the favor of Shanghai is difficult, which is why the weight of some old station or the domain name.

    (1) to do the optimization routine, what is routine, to the site after doing well before that is the website development process. First in the chain chain how to write how to do, how to do with the weights of the links, these things the Shanghai dragon Er I think everyone can do.

    stimulation routine

    started, a lot of people ask me, Xiao Jiang Shanghai Longfeng how to do? Is it really is a day looking for different blogs and forums outside the chain, write some boundless every day the so-called original? Do Shanghai Long Fengzhen will be like someone metaphor as "network", so pollution how to get out of this predicament? I thought, what was the first Shanghai dragon, I understand the meaning of the internal and external optimization is to optimize the site, and then make your own website to Google, Sogou can fall in love with the sea, and so on more than one search engine and website keywords ranking, so that users can search their own. So how can our website in front of it, a lot of people will tell me the website internal optimization, frame structure, keyword layout, relevance, extensive external chain, some correlation is, according to the Shanghai Longfeng routine, if you insist, as workers the same dream to do, then your website will be can have ranking, but also to good effect. Then there is no more effective way, there is no Shanghai dragon, the 42 dials thousand catties I thought, through the practice study found that Shanghai Longfeng ultimate routine is: + + + routine stimulation stable correlation


    , 3 stable

    (2) later how to do that later search engine will be a lot of you. But the ranking may still cannot reach the expected effect, and so we have to think of ways. How do the flow, weight, etc..

    12 Sep

    Love Shanghai spider does not support Crawl-delay set on Optimization

    shows an application example of Crawl-delay:

    believe that many people do not know what is Crawl-delay, I also know that this thing, through the search, I learned Crawl-delay translated into Chinese means grasping the meaning of delay. So Crawl-delay in the end for what? For what? The author sorted out in a query, to share with you:

    value Crawl-delay behind the 100 said to tell the spider, in seconds, the minimum delay unit. If the server on your crawler frequency is a burden, you can set the delay time for any of you think appropriate numbers, each interval of 100s to a crawl. This setting seems to be only for station, station is very rare.

    recently, we received a lot of inquiries on the usage of Crawl-delay, the clear love Shanghai access frequency no longer refer to the settings on the site, which does not support the Crawl-delay configuration, if you want to configure the web site for the frequency of love Shanghai spider access, it is recommended that you use the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform grasping pressure feedback tool, first query site in love in Shanghai a day of the month trend level crawl graph, adjustable gripping pressure limit love Shanghai spider every day to visit your website, for love in Shanghai, love Shanghai spider is too large to avoid the site grab pressure caused by web server load and capture abnormal.


    You can see the

    at noon today love Shanghai webmaster community platform updates a notice as follows:


    The next

    want to talk about the use of the Crawl-delay, also need to mention we are more familiar with the Robots protocol, robots protocol through the search engine website to tell which pages can crawl, which pages can not crawl. And through the Crawl-delay we can set up a spider to have low crawl request frequency, which can reduce the pressure on the server, and set the Cralw-delay size should be based on the number of pressure and robot server can afford to determine. For example, you want the Yahoo robot every 2 seconds at a time, you should first check the access server Yahoo robot how many, if there are 40 Yahoo robot, this parameter should be set to 2*40=80. But if the more than 40 crawler happened to be collected at the same time, even if each interval of 100 seconds, 40 foot has to climb to climb after the last one, the first time interval only again, caused great pressure, but this is probably the most "ideal state" it will happen.

    dear user, dear webmaster, Hello:

    12 Sep

    To investigate the page code optimization we can take several small details

    page is very time consuming, this will directly affect the overall speed of loading site. Do you need to do to compress the image on the page, so you can save a lot of unnecessary waste of space resources, so as to improve the speed of the whole site. In addition to the picture call I think it is best to use the CSS call, DIV CSS currently collocation remains the most popular search engine in the form of love.


    so if you want to know how to do to optimize page details? Said page optimization, a lot of people think it is the same with the original keyword layout, three labels written two basic work, but in fact you want to get the optimization of others will be optimized, and not to how many points you. We need to pay attention to others easily ignore the details, then we are in these details optimization. This will help you a lot for your site. What we can start from what aspects, the author simply share five aspects.

    three, pictures, icon notes

    whether the web page is a JS file or picture, we should set the buffer time, suggested time interval for more than a week. The design of the page cache is now the love of spiders in Shanghai will give the page plus one of the important factors.

    : on the page for

    optimization personnel have realized to our picture with Alt attribute importance, but many people ignore the page icon ALT comment for this, I think we need to pay attention to details. While search engines love Shanghai currently on these pages on the details of things very seriously, so even if the site has hundreds of thousands of small icons, you have to give them one by one on the Alt comments.

    I think this is one of the most sensitive love Shanghai this year on the page where the different page size even if it is only a difference of 1KB, for the page search engine ranking score will have a significant role in promoting, we need to consider is how to guarantee the integrity in the site, let your page in peer site volume reaches the minimum. It may encounter technical problems, if not very clear, will be handled by the company’s technical staff.


    two: page image compression and call

    at the beginning of 2012, Shanghai began to love must adjust the algorithm for the internal factors of site is more valued, especially in some small details before we despise the easy. Some of the elements in the page even if there is a small advantage may have on your ranking has a great role in promoting. The pages of the site has become the details of the optimization optimization personnel can not be ignored an important part of the.

    Open the picture and call the

    four, the browser cache time

    The Alt property of At present, many