21 Apr

Evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan hot dry noodles join

hot and dry noodles originated in Wuhan, the story of the origin of snacks is occurred in the vicinity of Hankou, because of a coincidence would show that a delicacy of praise. Hot and dry noodles in evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan is a very good brand, in addition to the traditional supply of hot and dry noodles, beef noodles, also increased the heat tripe hot and dry noodles, hot and dry noodles, noodles, seafood, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce Hot and Sour Rice Noodles powder etc.. The hot and dry noodles, hot, have a distinctive flavour powder to provide customers with more choice.

is the "evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan Han flavor for the win by". Based on the hot and dry noodles directly on the formula of Li Yajuan dealing, innovation in the traditional production process, the use of the best ingredients, hundreds of times of repeated production, hot dry noodles in a bowl of fragrant attracted three people. Careful people found three streets get in a "evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan" lively opening, returning to the surface of incense evoke countless people’s memories of delicacy, more money is heavy traffic, bustling restaurant. So how to join this brand?

join conditions:

1, with a strong sense of risk, have a business background and management experience, the basic concept of market analysis.

2, the business philosophy and business model has recognized.

3, the enterprise management can go all out.

4, the franchisee should not engage in illegal activities or social moral atmosphere.

join advantage:

1, evergreen food on the Mai Xiang Yuan principal part of centralized production, unified distribution, will ensure good taste to control.

Production and sales of

2, evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan has been committed to the catering industry, quality assurance is regarded as the lifeline of Changqing Mai Xiang Yuan, strictly grasp the all levels, including Wuhan traditional hot dry noodles name rang by diners favorite, on both sides of the Changjiang River, evergreen of the Mai Xiang Yuan quality exclaim.

3, a group of evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan product set catering, marketing, have both ability and political integrity management personnel.

4, the finest selection of common ingredients, evergreen all joined the Mai Xiang Yuan production methods used in the traditional process, the greatest degree of raw materials remain authentic, green health.

5, professional technicians to teach craft essence, so that each shop can also make a bowl of green food and wheat fragrance. Delicious copy, word of mouth to be shared.

join process:


21 Apr

Do small business with pastry business is not limited to remember

do snack business, choose the right project is very important. Popular with record oil cracker to join the project? Let the small business operators can easily start profitable business, the business is not restricted, in the market has been much attention to the business, come to contact us.

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20 Apr

Elderly services industry unlimited business opportunities

with the aging of our country is becoming increasingly serious, and now many elderly people are in a state of no one cares. In order to solve this social situation, many nursing homes have appeared, to provide help for the poor old man. The elderly service industry has a high degree of concern in the market, is the first choice for many franchisees investment industry.

according to the Ministry of labor and social security, there are about 5500000 people waiting to enter the nursing home, there are nearly 3 million 800 thousand elderly people in need of nursing service. The demand for nursing staff is very large. There are two aspects of the demand, the first urgent need for nursing staff, the need for more pension institutions in the second, that is, nursing home.

A, said that at present China’s elderly supplies and services market annual demand of about 600 billion yuan, but the actual year for the elderly to provide products and services is less than 100 billion yuan, a huge gap between supply and demand.


20 Apr

Dipuda lighting how to make life more exciting

In fact,

, lighting in the play in our life, is the most widely used products, the best choice for the wonderful life, Dipuda lighting? Well known brands, first-class quality, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Join the Dipuda lighting project, what are you waiting for?

Dipuda lighting with more than ten years of rich experience in production and export of lighting experience, Dipuda quickly reached Chinese lighting industry before the 30 strong, to represent the high level of craftsmanship Chinese lighting industry, lighting industry and Chinese Chizha continued to shake the world. From the inside in order to create the perfect lighting products, lighting Dipuda draw advanced design concept, a number of heavily in the introduction of advanced production line, to ensure the excellent quality of products.

How about

Dipuda lighting?

Dipuda lighting is committed to the consumer to provide a safe, healthy, energy saving technology products. With the continuous development and evolution of the Dipuda era, with the concept of innovation, constantly developing new products and technological innovation, to ensure an invincible position in the fierce market competition. At the same time, the headquarters has also set up a strong operation and management team, to achieve one to one guide shop operations, with strong headquarters security, all-round support investors shop.

with the actual use of the brand to join the project choice, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Naive entrepreneurial good project. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

20 Apr

Maternal and child supplies stores how to choose the purchase channels

maternal and child supplies stores are related to the kind of business, are required to do a good job in the purchase, and for many new entrepreneurs, how to choose the purchase channel is still a problem. So, maternal and child supplies stores how to choose the purchase channel? Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand the problem, to see whether it will have the idea of the development of the cause of this business investors help!

maternal and child supplies stores the most traditional channels of purchase and the main channel for the purchase of three. According to the form of operation, maternal and child supplies stores can be divided into maternal and child supplies stores, stores and independent stores. Maternal and child supplies stores, franchise stores have a unified supply system, the price and brand management, do not find their own purchase channels, more convenient and easy. Independent store to purchase their own, with the commodity structure, the need to find the purchase channels, everything must be pro.

regional agents purchase: in order to quickly enter the national market, most brands by maternal and child development form the development of regional market agents, such as the development of the provincial agency, the municipal agency, the region’s retailers need to through their arrival here, agents make the difference through profit. In some important markets, the brand will set up offices, or branch is directly responsible for the mature market will be used in the form of large brands. The main brand of this channel to milk powder, diapers, daily necessities and other FMCG products are.

wholesale trade: the most commonly used than the Alibaba, which is mainly for some wholesale products, toys, if supplies, baby stroller, crib, but these are mainly low-end consumer products, there are few well-known brands, for some lower spending power three line market. People have higher requirements for milk, diapers, bottles, etc. this kind of product quality, if it is through wholesale channels of purchase, so even in the low-end consumer market, consumers will not buy, maternal and child supplies stores operators must not be a pursuit of cheap.

exhibition site order: many retailers choose to order industry exhibition site, exhibition site a large number of products to provide sufficient choice for them, but also can directly face the manufacturers, more conducive to maternal and child supplies stores operators to lower prices of goods. However, many retailers said that the exhibition industry large quantity is limited, and most are in the field of travel, the cost is very high, and the show time is very limited, two or three days are very busy, it is difficult to seriously understand each product.

brand manufacturers purchase: experienced people know that the lowest price through direct brand manufacturers purchase. There is no intermediate layer to extract profits, retailers directly to the ex factory price to get the product, you can reduce the price of about 10 points. Sales of such products, not only can get higher profits, consumers have access to affordable, easy to become loyal customers, improve the local competitiveness of stores. However, maternal and child care

20 Apr

Greedy snack pack is good


Chan Po, Po, Po Chan Chan" this is we often talk about a glutton for the description of the child, "Chan package" seems to be the noun derived words, light from the name to know that this is a delicacy store, if eating his colored snacks, you will also admire a that name is really a "worthy of the name".

Ji’nan Chan package catering chain Co. Ltd. is a unique collection of research and development, distribution, management, technical services for the integration of professional output of Chinese food and beverage chain corporation, provide a business platform for more interested in investing in catering business friends. The investment package Chan catering, entrepreneurship has high profit and high security. Chan package restaurant chain Limited company is located in the picturesque scenery of the city of Ji’nan, catering mainly to the delicious pasta greedy package, business package, nutrition packages, packages for children to lead, all kinds of snacks, appetizers and dessert drink for dinner and catering facilities, standardization of up to hundreds of varieties, its brand to meet the pursuit of greedy. "Fashion, nutrition, health" groups dining individual needs.


package is greedy with Chinese fast food as the main food and beverage brands, products are fast food nutrition is very distinctive, all people are very love, products with characteristics Jianbao primarily, and eight special auxiliary series. Project properties are very good, with a small investment, quick return, easy location, easy operation, the characteristics of zero investment risk. Greedy snack pack in the company for many years to promote the management practice, won the majority of customers. Today, the "greedy" out of Shandong, set up the chain store in the country. Greedy snack pack are professional nutritionists, health experts modulation, has fragrant but not greasy, unique flavor, taste variety.

greedy snack pack join advantage:

has a long history and is famous all over the world

greedy snack pack brand has been favored by the vast number of consumers, over the years, in order to obtain an invincible position in the market, the greedy package has not forgotten to pursue innovation, will taste and making technology of product upgrading, persistent own brand influence and product development strength.

taste numerous crowd wide

greedy snack pack not only rich variety of fillings, developed dozens of flavors of greedy greedy bag, food, nutrition porridge and nourishing soup series development, not only the nutritional needs of children for the elderly, more suitable for white-collar workers to fast food hygiene requirements.

Seiko health

greedy snack pack for the flour and stuffing ingredients selected strictly, nutritional diet recipes secret, so that every customer has been nourishing and enjoy the same delicious "

20 Apr

Alipay announced a reduction of small and micro businesses to pay the service fee

small and micro enterprises to solve the problem of more than 80% of China’s employment, the state attaches great importance to the development of small and micro enterprises in the field of financing, sales and other areas to provide assistance. Alipay also cut the service fee for the Small and micro businesses, support the development of entrepreneurial innovation.

11, Sept. 16, ant gold clothing brand Alipay announced today, to support public innovation, the business ", from now on small and micro businesses down related industries acquiring service rate, to further support the development of emerging industries and innovation, entrepreneurial enterprises.

according to the consumption of different scenes, Alipay offers a variety of acquiring products for all sectors of the business. Previously, Alipay’s service rates according to different products, different industries and different sources of funds (such as the account balance or debit card, credit card, etc.) is not the same as the price charged. The rate adjustment after the Alipay unified payment channel pricing, with funding, simplifying the industry distinction, provide a better experience for the merchant acquiring. More importantly, the large reduction in the rate of payment services will benefit the development of many small and micro businesses, especially to support the development of new industries, innovation and start-ups.

the adjusted price, in addition to special industries, the vast majority of small and micro businesses (including catering, air travel, digital media and financial industries) the lowest tariff price to 0.6%; non-profit organizations (such as public institutions, public hospitals, public schools, etc.) Alipay will continue to maintain free access; service industry (such as the people’s livelihood utilities payment of life, public transportation etc.) will also maintain the original discount rate unchanged.

in September this year, formally proposed the "Internet payment service ant propeller" plan, to help more small and medium-sized businesses, financial institutions, better innovation and Internet integration, to achieve the transformation and upgrading. As of now, a total of more than hundreds of thousands of online and offline businesses have access to alipay. Especially online, including Huarun, WAL-MART, Carrefour, vanguard, 7-11 family, retail chain brand, KFC, McDonald’s, pizza hut, grandmother and other food and beverage brands, millions of vehicles taxi car, you can use Alipay payment.

18 Apr

The festival of Chongqing – detailed recruitment market

years later, most people are concerned about the recruitment market in Chongqing changes in the market for what kind of talent needs more? For this problem, Chongqing Bo Bo talent market made a detailed analysis, I hope to be able to bring you more help to find a job, so that people find the right job.

, according to the relevant person in charge of the talent market, from the beginning of the year has opened several job fairs, compared to last year, returning talent showed a slight upward trend in order to better meet this part of the group.

the recruitment will be designed for returning talent to provide 4000 jobs, operators, technicians, machine assembly, quality inspector, planning commissioner, designers general mechanic jobs, after the positive comprehensive monthly salary generally at 3500 yuan to 5000 yuan; and production manager, workshop director, sales director, regional manager, etc. the management of their enterprises, provide monthly salary mostly in 4000 yuan to 8000 yuan.

through the analysis of the text, it is easy to find after the Spring Festival in Chongqing recruitment market for technology, operators demand more brisk, generally used for people to experience can be successy entered the post, so many people can find a job, but also to pay in the enterprise also pointed out.

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18 Apr

Fujian Provincial Education Examination Yuan official website officially launched the Fuzhou test se

for a lot of friends who want to engage in the teaching profession, the public schools to bring them more attractive, recently prepared to recruit teachers in Fuzhou. Children who are interested can go to see. This year, the city of Fuzhou school enrollment of 293 teachers and staff, who are interested in March 18th to apply for 24.

according to the regulations, candidates choose a job that is voluntary, and Taijiang District, Cangshan District, Jinan District, Mawei District, high tech Zone in a job.

among them, the inclusion of Fujian unified recruitment examination positions, through the official website of the Fujian provincial education examination registration, registration time is from March 18th to 24.

part of the staff in the before registration are required to carry the provisions of the material, first to the Fuzhou Education Service Center on-site registration qualification, after the audit and then apply for the . Among them, overseas returnees, Hong Kong and Macao learning staff, candidates for comprehensive practice teachers’ post and Fuzhou belonged to seven counties (city) in the school staff, preschool education teachers post graduates candidates examination time is March 18th, for municipal secondary school physical education teachers (soccer) post and Fuzhou third Luoyuan campus, Fuzhou Institute of Education Affiliated fourth primary school in-service staff review time for the March 20th to 23.

in addition to participate in the unified open recruitment examination in Fujian post, the remaining posts are required to apply for on-site registration and submit materials, located in Fuzhou education talent service center. Registration time is from March 20th to 23.

more candidates need to prepare materials in accordance with the regulations, you can take the exam. The post with bonus condition for personnel, should be in April 19th to carry my identity card and related documents (Books) and other supporting materials, to the education of Fuzhou Talent Service Center for audit procedures, overdue will not be accepted.

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17 Apr

After dinner 70 investment details

in the restaurant industry in the event of major projects can include a lot of popular small projects, such as the combination of fast food and snacks goose, hot pot and fast food, etc.. Projects like this market share, market share is high. So, if you enter the food and beverage industry, you can start in this regard, the initial stage of the business can bring you more opportunities. There are a lot of brands such as this project, we recommend only one – 70 after the meal.

fast food industry after the 70 bar brand. Founded in 70 after rice in 2010, mainly to provide a variety of drinks and snacks, fast food, etc., through years of development, the enterprise strength and brand influence are continually improving, so the market sales have been a steady growth trend, is a very optimistic investors and market to join the brand. 70 after the meal to join the market intensified, joined the team is growing, many investors have joined them, want to share a cup of soup. The next step is to learn more about the specific details of the project to join, and make a small look at it!

70 after the meal join fee:

join level north of Guangzhou City, the provincial capital city level cities

shop area of 190 square meters with 180 square meters of 160 square meters and 140 square meters

rent costs 47 thousand and 500 yuan / month, 28 thousand and 800 yuan / month, 19 thousand and 200 yuan / month, 8400 yuan / month

decoration costs 800 yuan / square meters to 700 yuan / square meters to 600 yuan / square meters to 400 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 120 thousand yuan 100 thousand yuan 90 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan

raw materials 60 thousand yuan 50 thousand yuan 40 thousand yuan 30 thousand yuan

advertising costs 15 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan 6 thousand yuan 3 thousand yuan

opening costs 10 thousand yuan 8 thousand yuan 5 thousand yuan 2 thousand yuan

staff wages 3300 yuan / month / person (10) $2000 / month / person (9) $1800 / month / person (8) $1200 / month / person (7)

utilities 2500 yuan / month, 1900 yuan / month, 1700 yuan / month, 1500 yuan / month

liquidity 240 thousand yuan 140 thousand yuan 100 thousand yuan 50 thousand yuan

total investment costs 680 thousand yuan 48.2>