20 May

2015 venture to do what 2015 new opportunities to make money

is now in 2015, many friends are looking for new opportunities, want to start in 2015 to become rich. So, what are the projects suitable for entrepreneurship in 2015? Today, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few 2015 to make money a good project, hurry up and look at it.

2015 new opportunities to make money: comic bar

2015 new opportunities to make money: fresh food Zhuang

Little difference between restaurant

2015 new opportunities to make money: counseling

in this with the pressure of competition is the symbol of the society, who can say that he did not even a loss and confusion for a long time, the situation is not serious consequences is to improve China’s annual death toll was Dutch act 25-28 million is huge. According to the information released by the Chinese Ministry of health, China

19 May

Guo Fangzheng give up their own business selling fried chicken

often can see the streets and lanes selling snacks, which is loved by the majority of the fried chicken chowhound so many people, are beginning to start a fried chicken business, today we are talking about such a story, a male returnees he also went to the chicken to his ability to know is enough to find a better job and after he abandoned his original high paying job, start a fried chicken business, how’s business, let’s go to see.

wants to be a boss

give up high salary to do business in Zhengzhou

Guo founder is 24 years old, born in Henan, Pingdingshan, grew up in Shanghai. He studied very well, first admitted to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and as an exchange student to study at the University of Huddersfield, England, where to get a bachelor’s degree in exhibition economy and management. After returning home, he entered a large company in Shanghai to do administrative executives, monthly salary of more than 20 thousand yuan.

in December last year, a few friends invited him to Zhengzhou to do business, but also let him as boss, although there is a good job in Zhengzhou, but also unaccompanied, bent when the boss Guo Fangzheng or move the heart. Resignation, to Zheng, began a new life. Business was very smooth at first, but when he wanted to get a big deal, investors suddenly withdraw midstream, business suddenly plummeted. "The two choice: to return to Shanghai halfway; adhere to Zhengzhou, etc.." To a few friends, and he can not be reconciled to this end, Guo founder promised to stay.

in February 14th this year, a romantic encounter, Guo founder found the heart of her, the girl also work in Zhengzhou. Sweet love at the same time, the business has not yet improved, Guo founder even living expenses have become a problem. Girlfriend is very understanding, but Guo is determined not to wait, to do something, I also tried to find some work, can not be very suitable". So he secretly planning their own business. "The drama from the stars you" in the beer and fried chicken for Guo Fangzheng inspired, "I do chicken welcomed by friends, make a prompt decision: chicken".

to find the girlfriend try

in the rental room for fried chicken test

business is also a small business, after all, is the economic management of foreign students, Guo Fangzheng conducted a number of market research. "Zhengzhou fried chicken blossom everywhere, some have been very well known, if they can not make a feature, will certainly" perishing before victory. "."

survey at the same time, Guo founder also rented a room to engage in a full month of fried chicken test, what flavor can be unique, it is best to eat?" He also got a girlfriend to eat, this is not optimistic about his choice of girlfriend persuaded by taste.

said "Espoo fried chicken" recommended by name

18 May

30 thousand yuan venture seven projects

now many young people have an entrepreneurial idea, at the same time, some young people on the road of entrepreneurship often will encounter some financial difficulties, and now explore some low cost small business project is an important link of entrepreneurship.

to business people, the selection of projects is the first and most important step in the selection process of the project, subject to funding constraints, can do the project is relatively limited, so there are 30 thousand yuan for entrepreneurs who can do what the project


1, 30 thousand yuan venture to open a stone shop: pick stones, one is to look at the overall shape to be perfect, the pattern should be complete, with a reasonable color. Two is to touch, stone good? Hardness is not appropriate? Three to listen to, take good rocks for it, with a wooden stick percussion, can produce a sweet voice. Different stones, great value difference. More and more people stone art appreciation now, they tend to be displayed in the home, not only had a collection of addiction, and decorate the room, and friends, between units send each other gifts, these rocks are often taken into account. The strange stone is a natural formation in nature, it does not need any artificial carving, so the stone is a kind of discovery of art.

2, 30 thousand yuan venture home peanut Square: in the market, instant tofu room is already a very mature entrepreneurial projects, welcomed by the public, profit is relatively stable. In fact, peanuts have the same potential for development, if you do a peanut square must be able to make money.

3, 30 thousand yuan business Bay leather maintenance shop: Recently, the reporter in the residential district, a few fur shop found that the store business is booming. The snow falling in winter, fur, fur and leather has become the pursuit of fashion, however, if the coats are regular maintenance beauty, will be the same with other clothes, lose bright luster, it also provides an investment opportunity for investors.

4, 30 thousand yuan entrepreneurs to start a color health tofu shop: buy a small health tofu machine, in large and medium cities processing, sales of health tofu, a certain amount of benefits. And low investment, low risk, is a very suitable for urban low-income workers and laid-off workers to get rich. The new color of health is the processing of the soybean curd, peanut, medlar, jujube and other health tofu machine specially designed, and instead of gypsum, brine with the ecological coagulant. The bean curd produced by this method not only has high nutritional and health value, but also has the advantages of good taste, no bitterness, no smell and good elasticity.

5, 30 thousand yuan start ice: "ice" can give people the heat a refreshing cool and quiet. 30 thousand yuan to open a business Bay ice bar is a good a way of earning money. The hot summer heat pressing, unbearable. Throughout the school a variety of leisure and entertainment, it seems that some of the noisy and a little less quiet. Million yuan investment projects with the increasing pressure on students to learn, students recommend

18 May

Han taste Korean cuisine join to meet what conditions – the whole

the development of China in recent decades is really a rapid development, has grown to become the world’s second largest economy. Of course, the promotion of international status has attracted a lot of attention from other countries, such as South Korea, the Korean culture in China has intensified the development of the situation. Chinese people have generally accepted the penetration of Korean culture, especially food and beverage. Many food and beverage investors want to invest in a Korean restaurant, but suffer from too many bad choices for the brand, for this small series recommended for you Korean flavor Korean cuisine. So Korean flavor Korean cuisine to meet what conditions?

Korean flavor Korean cuisine join conditions:

1, agree with Korean flavor Korean cuisine corporate culture, I am convinced that the Korean Korean cuisine brand.

2, healthy, no infectious diseases, love the food industry.

3, a dedication, perseverance, the Korean flavor as the cause of Korean cuisine.

4, consciously maintain the Korean flavor Korean cuisine brand image, not by Han Han cuisine brand effect damage the interests of consumers.

5, willing to accept the Han Wei Han restaurant merchants unified management.

6, with a fixed operating storefront, Korean flavor Korean cuisine to join the store in line with the company’s entry requirements.

Han taste of Korean cuisine with the greatest advantage for people to bring the best opportunities for people, as long as there is demand for investment, Han taste Korean cuisine joined can get more resources, stimulate consumption, to create one of the most satisfactory business projects for the people.

If you join

satisfied with Han taste Korean cuisine, and want to join the idea, but also want to know more about the brand to join the information, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

13 May

A rich strawberry

from the self-employed to self-employed entrepreneurs, Liu Hong in the entrepreneurial initiative to use their brains on the road, the courage to pay, so that a small strawberry became his tool to get rich. I also gain wealth and pride.

"I kind of strawberry is popular not only because of good taste, and has no environmental pollution, can eat without washing off!" January 12th, the reporter in the town of Dingtao County, even the village set a strawberry picking greenhouses, interviewed Liu Hong is busy greeting customers. Liu Hong planted strawberry picking greenhouse for 4 years, a year to a new level, become famous for rich hotshot, this and his courage, daring Ganpin character is closely related to pay.

"due to the lack of experience, the first year is gone!" Liu Hong told reporters that the first year of their strawberries grow well, but did not earn money, like serving as a child to serve strawberries, then got a big harvest. But because the publicity is not in place, most people do not know that here we have a strawberry picking garden, and finally only sell cheap supermarkets and shopping malls." Liu Hong said, seeing the strawberry to rot in the ground, he worried not eat, can’t sleep sleep, but one by one the stores and supermarkets to sell their strawberries, "not too cooked our strawberries too, is too difficult for the students, in short time is beyond count, I couldn’t help crying I thought, why is it hard to do business."

"but second years is losing money." Liu Hong said that because of poor management, he rarely strawberry results, the customer has, but no strawberries, really anxious dead!"

turn into "strawberry king"

even recommended

13 May

What are the common characteristics of entrepreneurship and fishing – net

a lot of people like fishing, fishing often requires a lot of patience, which is the necessary psychological quality of entrepreneurship. Most people do not know how to start the business, and many of them feel that their business plan can not be implemented, because they lack a good fishing rod.

There are three main types of

they need a fishing rod:

second opportunities. Many people lament their love in × Born Under A Bad Sign,; × years ago, we can do that, certainly, now do this for more than niumao.

Third, project. Want to start a business, but do not know what to do. The most common helpless performance: if I understand…… Well, now do this is very profitable.

undoubtedly, this rod is important, want to go fishing, have to have a proper fishing rod. But what about giving you a fishing rod? Give you one million, you can earn Laiyiqianwan? Give you a good project, you can manage? Back to ten years ago, you dare to fry?

1, want to fish impulse. That is, you have to have entrepreneurial spirit, passion. This impulse includes a good state of mind and hard work. If you are forced to go fishing and you don’t want to go fishing, the fish will not catch you. If you don’t want to bask in the sun, you can’t get a good harvest.

2, fishing knowledge. Do you want to start a business to understand what is entrepreneurship, how to create your own business process. Understanding of the preferences of various fish, that is, market knowledge recommend

13 May

Dr. Shen Lei, when he became a founder of the University of Tsinghua founder financial management

some people are born to make people jealous, they in school performance, in the society is very successful, we can not be successful, but at least to strive for success, there is a student like Tsinghua, his own business, and successful business chiefs, with the view of his entrepreneurial path.

2006, 18 year old Shen Lei left home in Sichuan Mianyang, a Xiamen University Department of electrical and mechanical control technology majors. The seeds of entrepreneurship, from then on germination. Sophomore year, Shen Lei began selling College English magazines and phone cards on campus, but not how to make money.

2010, Shen Lei was admitted to the Department of precision instruments, Tsinghua University, ph.d.. Shen Lei’s vision continues to broaden, he began to contact VC, angel investment, entrepreneurship began to grow arbitrarily.

13 May

Zhao Zhenggan was joined to let you lasting profitability

choose delicious snacks to join the project, is a very choice of business opportunities. Zhao Zhenggan dough? The quality of delicacy, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Zhao Zhenggan was to join the project, it is worth joining, worthy of choice!

Zhao Zhenggan was one hundred years of heritage delicious taste is constantly upgrading, cater well to nowadays people’s tastes. Therefore, the magic of delicious, successy won the high degree of concern in the food and beverage market harvest countless praise. Join it, diners queuing to send lee!

are all selected ingredients, diners can rest assured to eat. Zhao Zhenggan dough, authentic chili peppers slow fine boil, the achievements of the delicious taste Chili oil. Optimization of the Northeast China Plain fine flour, selected high-quality aniseed collocation fresh bean sprouts and cucumber, carey blended dough, crisp and juicy.

there is a very rigorous process, so that the taste is destined to be different, so that peer prohibitive. Zhao Zhenggan was strict production processes, the dough by the eight rub up, washing and steaming processes made body surface soft wide, pliable and smooth, elastic dough Q. The use of a century formula, the traditional production process, low calorie, light food, easy to digest more safe and healthy.

are all private soup and formula, of course, similar products can not imitate and beyond. Zhao Zheng products are so popular in addition to dough delicious, but also lies in the characteristics of private sauce. The juice is made of traditional craft, escort taste, high identification.


Zhao Zhenggan dough? Has been a very strong project, has been a very good choice. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

13 May

Earn money to keep the entrepreneurial opportunities of 100 thousand yuan

now it is hard to start a business, the key is not the other, is in the capital on the card, a lot of people are at seven up eight gather together only 100 thousand yuan venture fund, let us look at the watch can go into what opportunities there.

100 thousand in business? Indoor decoration pollution detection control belongs to the indoor environmental protection projects, Chaoyang industry. The reason why the choice of this industry is mainly three points: first, large profits; two, the competition is small; the potential of large, three. Doing business is to make money, profit is an important indicator of my choice of the project. If you can find a good company to join, to provide adequate technical support, it can be said to be a hot industry for decades.

by this 100 thousand yuan venture project case, we know that entrepreneurship is a need enough courage and strength and courage that every success and the people, must be hard, has a unique vision and enough courage. 100 thousand venture? So in the early stages of the business, we must carefully select the entrepreneurial projects, once optimistic about the bold stick. The fruits of success will belong to you.

After graduating from University


Hou do network optimization in a large network company, then found the network market is very good, he gave up the job more than and 10 years of work, decided to go it alone. To tell the truth, the cause is very important for men, want to do it on the one hand is more optimistic about the project, on the other hand want to be their own boss. Because there are previously involved in this area of the network, coupled with a certain network, and now my store clothing sales are very good. Income is not worse than the physical store, I am also satisfied.

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11 May

Catering industry has three major opportunities

Chinese the rapid economic growth of the world’s people are looking in the eyes, the fluctuations of the market economy also has undergone tremendous changes now in the catering industry, entered the era of marketing today, more and more marketing play obviously, the restaurant is doing marketing in different by various means. Now the food and beverage market, how to develop a new generation of the market, which is the food and beverage industry needs to think about the problem, but also full of challenges. Why is the food and beverage industry so popular, because more opportunities, the chance to seize the chance of success. So what are the opportunities for the catering market?

catering industry has three major opportunities

first, huge market demand

The development of

in recent years the trend of the catering industry, catering industry in the future is a one hundred thousand billion level market, the future of the catering industry still has great potential for development, with the increase of people’s income, population differentiation, the future will also be diversified catering market characteristics, the future competition is the ability to imagine, positioning the precise crowd, only market.

second, the market is shuffling

mobile Internet in people’s lives more and more important role, fans economy era is coming, which brand can make good use of the Internet to get more fans, who will be able to survive better in the catering market, many shops in the city and closed the store because of intense competition in the restaurant industry, catering industry is experiencing a hitherto unknown reshuffle era.

third, innovation has become the mainstream

the future of the food and beverage industry, not only the product needs innovation, profit model is also in constant innovation, the future of the food and beverage industry profit model is to rely on product categories. The new rules, new marketing and new models of the food and beverage industry are constantly being created.

such an era, who can seize the opportunity, who will be able to better survive and develop!