Nearly half of global luxury goods consumption in China, the spring of luxury electricity supplier i

]2013 [Abstract Chinese luxury goods will reach $102 billion, accounting for nearly half of the global market, a huge amount of consumption again to verify the consumer enthusiasm for luxury Chinese, while online sales scale China luxury goods accounted for the overall sales of less than 5%, this is undoubtedly the most powerful proof of broad prospects.

read: luxury brands fought electricity supplier to watch more pay less

yesterday, heard the luxury electricity supplier website Temple library network financing $100 million news, really scared me jump. At this time last year, I judged this year as against copycat and related activities of infringement, will die a large number of so-called luxury electric business website, but did not expect the luxury business in a few years and I expected the opposite. read more

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QQ group announced the opening of the AP will integrate M, payment and other links

January 27th news, Tencent Inc announced the official opening of the QQ platform to buy, after the Spring Festival to buy high-quality API station, and the integration of IM, SNS, payment and other services.

QQ group purchase aspects of the person in charge, after the Spring Festival QQ group purchase will step up efforts to provide quality, to conform to the standards of the group purchase website API access, also will be the first of the business categories and regions with excellent development and operation ability of the team to open. read more

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Jingdong WeChat portal upgrade highlight search function

with the passage of time, the Jingdong leveraging Tencent has entered the final phase, in the mobile layout today, China Network reporter found WeChat Jingdong in the entrance has been from the original "discovery", "brand" and "poly Hui" three kinds of merchandise display, into Jingdong home search page.

Jingdong WeChat shopping portal new

now to enter WeChat shopping options, first of all to see is the Jingdong’s logo and a search box. It includes mobile phone, digital, home appliances, department stores and other categories, and before the WeChat shopping page showing the "discovery" category to category commodity options are arranged in the bottom of the page, and click into the original and still the same page. read more

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nternet venture up to the countryside take her to read the world bustling

to the three or four line of the city and county market, is a new direction of

Internet entrepreneurs

more and more people are beginning to realize that in a second tier market is the basic background of giant crowding, China Internet startups need to "going to the countryside", to small and medium-sized city and county area to expand the user base. So, what to do?

low age, low education, low income, Internet cafes, game, plus a little as the "achievement projects of rural science and technology service system", which is a lot of people in the small and medium-sized city and County Internet industry impression. Is this really the case? read more

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Valentine’s Day roses send sweet name

what do you give to your lover on Valentine’s day? Flowers? Nothing new! Chocolate? No idea? Candlelight dinner?. Valentine’s day this year, a new creative gifts are becoming the new darling of the young couple, that is to buy or registered online with Valentine’s name or the color of the "sweet Valentine’s day, send it to the domain name" as a unique Valentine’s Valentine’s Day gift, the one and only express their feelings.

domain name the highest price 28888.88 yuan read more

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Ueeshop- platform and independent site can only choose two Cross border electricity supplier to solv

foreign trade in recent years, Alibaba, the Amazon market amidst the winds of change, aliexpress, EC, global resources and other cross-border electronic business platform gradually in the domestic and foreign market, attracted many foreign people to expand their business in their respective platforms. Including shoes, cosmetics, sports equipment, bags, jewelry, accessories, wigs, 3C LED and other industries have the suddenness of a thunderbolt to infiltrate into the platform, want to use the well-known business platform, and in recent years the foreign trade platform along the trend of new businesses settled provides support foreign trade platform war this fuss will. read more

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Septwolves articles SWSPORT settled everyone electricity supplier, to seize the commanding heights o

in June 7, 2016, as the domestic mobile social electricity supplier initiated, everyone electricity supplier officially announced and Chinese menswear industry pioneering brand Septwolves SWSPORT partnership, SWSPORT officially settled all the electricity supplier. The electricity supplier cooperation with everyone, SWSPORT keenly aware of the potential value of social electricity providers, the platform is expected to force the layout of mobile social channels, to seize user resources, enhance the brand image in the minds of young consumers. read more

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2016 Ali electricity supplier’s first war Conquer competition

Phoenix Science and technology news February 2nd news, on January 29th, the annual meeting of the Organization Department of Alibaba group held at the meeting CEO Zhang Yong issued a new year attack order. Zhang Yong clear, Ali electricity supplier business in 2016, the first battle is to take the initiative in the first tier cities, fully meet the needs of these urban consumers, and strive to win or lose. Ali to face the competition this year, to meet the competition, the final conquest of competition. read more

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China has registered more than 80 kinds of domain names

In March 2007, Hongkong launched the Internet registration authority Chinese.Hk domain, the domestic Internet era only provide service, so far, in Chinese can register a domain over 80 types, in addition to 30 kinds of China administrative area domain (such as.Bj.cn), a unique domain name suffix can be registered nearly 50.

1993, NSI company in the United States and the United States government signed a contract agent,.Com,.Org and.Net three domain names for the global open registration, thus these three types of domain name has become the businesses and consumers the most enthusiastic top-level domain, especially.Com, more than 80% occupy a generic top-level domain. At that time, China has almost no business to provide domain name registration services. read more

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Vintage new high-end T-shirt articles where the customer said to life again

hunting cloud network reported on April 1st

the afternoon of April 1st, we released a series of spring and summer clothing new T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt design color category two categories. Target crowd aimed at the pursuit of personality and quality of the combination of young people.

as the last 8.28 conference, all passengers aged CEO is still personally site, the birth process introduced to the audience from the new T-shirt version of the design, material selection, printing and art design. At the scene, Chen also issued a "do a shirt, a T-shirt, is where the customer’s part, and I re life" feeling. read more

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