Qinghai Lake completely frozen delayed 12 days

The reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Science Research Institute learned that Qinghai Lake started ice since December 15, 2015 to January 25th was completely frozen, the freezing process lasted 40 days, the freezing period is average 7 days longer; compared with the previous year, completely freezing period postponed 12 days. According to reports, this year completely freezing period delayed, and on December 2015, late January 2016 and middle, big Qinghai Lake surrounding areas of high temperature on. read more

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Xining venture capital loans issued a new deal to solve the problem of venture capital

Reporters from the Xining municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation spirit, improve the business loan, expand the guarantee scope, the implementation of personal loans from the counter guarantee policy of Xining City, to solve the financing problems of various groups of entrepreneurs.

expand the scope of guarantee

personal loan amount increased to 200 thousand yuanThe amount of the guarantee of the individual

– personal entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship loan amount is generally not more than 100 thousand yuan. Good credit, repayment ability, in line with the region’s industrial orientation, continuous operation for more than two years (including two years) of entrepreneurs, according to their production and operation, the maximum amount of guarantee increased to 200 thousand yuan.

– partnership or organized employment, according to the contribution of all the accumulated number of each person, calculated by 100 thousand yuan guarantee amount, the total does not exceed the maximum amount of 1 million yuan.

– labor-intensive Small and micro businesses, the new number of recruits to the total number of enterprises 20% existing workers (more than 100 enterprises reached 10% above), and more than a year with the signing of labor contracts, guarantee does not exceed the maximum amount of 2 million yuan. To continue to expand the scale of business applications for loans secured loans, the number of new employees more than 30% of the existing number of employees (more than 100 enterprises reached 15%), the maximum amount of not more than $4 million guarantee.

the following personal business loans can be exempted from the application to provide counter guarantee:

– able to complete the business plan, operating the project after the guarantee agency finds that the managers of financial institutions confirmed no bad credit records to prove.

– in the province, city (prefecture) level of innovation and entrepreneurship competition in the award-winning.

– City (state) above the level of model workers, advanced individual business and professional and technical personnel with senior titles for business loans.

security agencies or managers of financial institutions should reduce business loans secured against the threshold needed to provide counter guarantee can take the following counter guarantee:

– counter guarantee mortgage. Individuals or enterprises with their own land use rights, housing, housing, housing, office buildings, commercial housing and other fixed assets and real estate as collateral for the loan applicant to provide counter guarantees. Arrived;
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Xining City hundred days remediation brings new breath to the public

trunk whitewash facade, hardening Village Road, investigate and deal with illegal construction, installation of sidewalk guardrail, even daily, district city comprehensive environmental hundred days of action in full swing, after rectification of the public to the high streets and back lanes of fresh air.


the comprehensive renovation of city environment hundred days of action, the District Construction Bureau of municipal maintenance, the main road (West Line) facade whitewash, (bare land) village road hardening, construction and installation, sidewalk guardrail 5 aspects focus on remediation. Focus on the central square, 948 square, 71 Road, 5 road pavement, the roadway floor tiles, covers and other facilities for maintenance, to conduct a comprehensive whitewash on the West high speed along the element tree village area elevation. At the same time, along the 5 sides of the two sides of the road to whitewash the body, on the exposed area of the tree village road hardening. read more

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Xining to carry out the new year’s day zero night action

the evening of December 31, 2013, vice mayor of Xining City Public Security Bureau Chief Zhang Qian led public security, safety supervision, fire department personnel to go shopping plaza, Beijing Hualian west restaurant, carry out new year’s day zero night action, Xining fire brigade political commissar Peng Jianhong, Gui Binbin accompanied the inspection detachment.

During the process of

inspection, vice mayor Zhang Qian conducted a check pijiandanwei fire hydrant and fire extinguishers with the situation, understand the specific process of fire fighting since the beginning, organized evacuation, asked the shop operators and hotel staff fire safety "four abilities" and master the use of fire extinguishers; further check the fire control room the automatic fire facilities, check the daily inspection inspection records, asked the fire disposal procedures etc.. Vice mayor Zhang Qian pointed out that a lot of major security incidents are originated in subtle negligence, fire safety work must not be careless, in the fire safety inspection must not stay dead. Always tighten the fire safety string, through continuous publicity, education and training, and strive to enhance the people’s awareness of fire safety. Social units should play the main role, establish a "fire safety work can not relax, paralysis and dereliction of duty" concept, so that the responsibility of fire work, work measures in place to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents. The functional departments should strengthen supervision and guidance, according to the fire hazards found in the inspection, the use of punishment, such as shutting down administrative measures determined in accordance with the law, supervise the rectification, to crack down on illegal deter fire, fire hazards to ensure "no holidays". At the same time according to the city’s second cleaning fires campaign of the programme of work, take effective measures to maintain the fire safety situation is stable. read more

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Three focus in the inner city of Xining to visit the people to worry to warm people

to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, the city of Xining city district around the masses worry, think, think, focus on the "education", "urban management" and "construction", take practical measures to tangible, to ensure that activities to achieve tangible results.

focus on education to build care channel

district leaders in-depth difficulties schools, teachers and students, listen to the voices of teachers and students, cohesion difficult to solve. Contact a rural school, pay attention to its supervision, inspection and guidance, timely treatment of various problems reflected in the school, to promote the development of schools. Contact a difficult staff, by caring for sympathy, send warmth and other forms of help. The first North Street Elementary School suffering from uremia Li Huanlin teacher donations, at present, has raised donations of more than 46000 yuan. Contact the rural left behind or difficult students, through home visits, tutoring, donated supplies and other forms of help, to promote their healthy and happy growth. In Hua experimental school and Nanchuan road second primary school to create "home care", for the purchase of Left-behind Children TV, jump flag, table tennis and other facilities, enrich their life and entertainment. read more

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Xining built 10 high-definition digital court officially put into use

To conscientiously implement the Supreme People’s court and the higher people’s Court of the court and the requirements of the informatization construction, Xining City Intermediate People’s court to carry out the depth of information application year "activities as an opportunity to" digital "court construction work carried out special arrangements and deployment, and achieved remarkable results, and promote the construction of information platform and the court the level of rapid ascension.

to make digital court construction work to a higher level, currently Xining City Intermediate People’s Court of the 10 court of the digital transformation of the existing conditions, the transformation of the part does not meet the conditions, the replacement can adapt to the current requirements of audio and video equipment, audio and video equipment to achieve the standard of using the recorded data can be. Clear and complete. At the same time, increase investment, and strive to the end of July this year will be the number of court increased to 20. The new purchase or the introduction of digital court equipment, must be advanced equipment, to achieve the highest level of the same product. In order to enable the court to be able to clearly see the viewing of the original, the defendant and the witness, the suspect’s image and its evidence, in front of the auditorium will be set up large screen projection or large screen LCD tv.The construction of
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Province two national wetland park approved

In January 27th, the reporter learned from the provincial forestry department, Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park and Tao Heyuan National Wetland Park won the approval of the State Forestry administration. Currently, the province has 3 National Wetland Park, an area of 43 thousand and 200 hectares.

Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park is located in the Xining urban section of Xining city in the Huangshui River Basin, wetland park planning a total area of 508.7 hectares. Qinghai Tao Heyuan National Wetland Park is located in the town of Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, Purcell, is a Typical Alpine Wetland Ecosystem in Tibetan Plateau Wetland Park, planning a total area of 38393 hectares. (author: Wei Jinyu) read more

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The black chimney plume of white smoke smoke pollution control of Xining

from the beginning of December 8th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for this year’s soot pollution control, the four areas were checked, the reporter followed.

since the yard to replace the water type dust removal and environmental protection equipment, the home clean, no dust and dust particles serious pollution. Look at the stars at night, seems to be more bright." December 8th, the East District of Qinghai Province, a radio factory family member of the old man Mahasan said happily. read more

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Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued the nterim Measures for the implementation of the Xini

recently, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued a temporary relief measures for the implementation of the Xining, in order to improve the social assistance system, and effectively solve the urban and rural difficult masses sudden, temporary difficulties in life.

"measures" from the guiding ideology, organization, the scope of relief, the object of relief, relief, rescue standards, approval procedures, fund management and other 9 aspects of the interim relief work made specific provisions. read more

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Xining police investigated 9 types of vehicles

Xining traffic police detachment in the middle of this month, to carry out a period of three months of road traffic safety inspection, remediation activities, to curb the occurrence of heavy, large traffic accidents.

it is understood that in this special action, Xining city traffic police detachment through linkage, stationed in units, publicity and education, road inspection rojer etc., security risks focus on the investigation of passenger and freight and bus and the transportation of dangerous goods and other 9 categories of major vehicles; establish the basic data of vehicle brand, carrying objects, number of passengers often, access routes and driver communication mode; supervision units by car implement GPS satellite positioning system, vehicle operation safety driving recorder status and routine maintenance records; investigation of school bus signs, road line, a number of other professional registered property; investigation of dangerous goods transport vehicle is set up warning signs and lights in accordance with the regulations, according to the examination and approval of the route; investigation of truck is illegal after the installation of lights, rear side installation of protective device, whether the tire is The existence of wear and tear and other security risks; correct the bus does not enter the harbour at the bus, do not turn to the entry site, side by side parking, illegal lane change and other traffic; remediation taxi do not pull over, random U-turn, reverse parking lane, Qiang Hangchao, with cars and other illegal acts; the investigation focused on whether the vehicle should be scrapped without scrap still on the road phenomenon. read more

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The province’s first slamic scholar mam forum held

12 month 3 days, the province’s first Islamic scholar Imam forum held in Xining. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, chairman of Xining Province, the Islamic Association of Dongguan mosque Imam Ma Changqing attended and spoke. China Islamic Association, the provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, the provincial Civil Affairs Commission and other relevant departments to participate in.

Ma Changqing pointed out that the fine tradition of hosting this forum is to develop Islam, Islam has always adhere to the direction of Chinese, Tao is the in-depth discussion of the interpretation of Islam, Islam China patriotic, middle, peace, solidarity, the spirit of tolerance, give full play to the role of Islam in the "The Belt and Road" construction and the construction of positive factors in the harmonious society the. This is the new historical conditions, Islam and the socialist society to adapt to the inevitable requirement, but also the inevitable requirement of their own health and harmony. read more

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The National Day Golden Week an additional 9 passenger railway

The reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in September 30th to October 7th, during the National Day "Golden Week", the railway is expected to send 344 thousand passengers, daily send 43 thousand people; it is expected that in September 30th, October 1st and October 6th, October 7th has ushered in return peak passenger travel and, when the day to send visitors will be more than 45 thousand people.

to meet the Lhasa and Shigatse regions of Tibet, Qinghai, Xining, the demand for passenger travel to Golmud, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans to open 8 pairs of temporary passenger trains, pull on railway are: September 30th, October 1st, October 6th, October 7th open Lhasa to Shigatse Z99034 passenger train; in October 7th, an additional 1 times Xining to Golmud K6819 temporary passenger train.  
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To fill the gaps in our province Nanchuan silk industry

recently, the province first silk production line project officially started in Nanchuan Industrial Park, the project to fill the province in the silk industry in the gap, promote the adjustment of industrial structure is the park, park enterprises to Qinghai to build their own brand of silk industry, first let Qinghai silk products and international market.

I as a "joint provinces The Belt and Road construction on the strategic background of the implementation of" The Belt and Road construction in the country, efforts to grasp the opportunity, deepening and the countries and regions along the Silk Road cooperation. The mulberry silk production line project through technological transformation and upgrading, and strive to build a green, environmental protection, energy saving of the silk velvet ecological industry base, the project total investment of 123 million yuan, has completed an investment of 68 million yuan, all projects put into operation, will achieve an annual output of 5 million meters of wool woven fabric, the annual output value of 120 million yuan, profits and taxes 24 million yuan, to promote the development of the local economy, is bound to contribute to the development of Qinghai light industry. At present, the mulberry silk production line project has been completed commissioning, the production of silk in 100 thousand meters. Enterprise project after pre trial production and positive efforts, has been basically formed into silk technology research and development, production, domestic sale of the operating pattern of integration, products have begun to occupy the market rate in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Central Asia, South Asia and other countries and regions. read more

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Xining 5 hotels to declare less than 600 thousand yuan of tax evasion

with my province checking for tax (fee) efforts, the day before Xining City Inspection Bureau and other departments in the focus of screening, found 5 hotels in Xining City, there is less tax revenue, the tax amounted to about six hundred thousand yuan.

the key to screening the local tax departments, to assist the public security departments of economic investigation, the news media cooperation way. In the implementation of the assault tiaozhang inspection of a hotel, confiscated is the use of the "Qinghai Province, Xining City, the hotel industry invoice" (50 copies) and "Hotel invoice" Qinghai city in Xining Province, a stub (25 copies). After identification, these two invoices are illegal production of false invoices. After 29 false invoices to identify inspection on the hotel completed, determine the amount of false invoices issued 20000 yuan. In the use of the hotel confiscated within the accounting books, the hotel has less tax revenue 960 thousand yuan. read more

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Xining produced 6 million tons of construction waste

In recent years, with the increasing of our city construction, renovation and expansion projects, a large number of old buildings were torn down, and the transformation of city, municipal facilities maintenance and repair, making the city’s annual production of construction waste is increasing. According to incomplete statistics, at present, the annual output of construction waste has reached about 6 million tons. In order to further standardize the city construction waste disposal management, so that the city’s local government related regulations and ministerial rules are unified and orderly convergence, I formulated the "Xining city urban construction waste management measures" is being revised and improved, and will soon be officially implemented. read more

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Let the people around He Shunnian for stability

Spring Festival every day approaching, the market is sufficient supply of vegetables, fruits and meat? During the Spring Festival for the effectiveness of measures to stabilize prices? Wang Yubo deep crowded, prosperous trading in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center, face to face with a large number of vegetables wholesale business conversation, detailed inquiry vegetables distribution, wholesale prices, sales, etc.. He pointed out that the municipal government continues to strengthen the capability of management and service center of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, agricultural and sideline products, preferential booth fees, government subsidies, increase open form of Sichuan for Pengzhou food wholesale sales area, to guide a large number of wholesale business households settled in the center, the center of the agglomeration economies of scale continue to appear, significantly enhance the ability of government regulation. He hopes to continue to increase the intensity of the wholesale business, to ensure a good supply of the market during the Spring Festival, the city’s security for the stable price to make a positive contribution to the work. He asked Xining agribusiness companies not only have to do a good job in the management, but also to grasp the service center, will soon do the people recognized, recognized by the market, the government approved the national first-class agricultural and sideline products distribution center. To further smooth the upstream and downstream supply and marketing channels, expanding the supply, supply, sales of tentacles extending to the city each capillary, into the community, mainly to the supermarket distribution or higher vegetable varieties by way of cheap meat direct car, with the actual results reflect the good government in the control price stability as the. In the tiger area vegetable direct selling point, many residents are queuing up to buy food. Wang Yubo and the masses to buy food warm conversation, ask you to the government in the form of direct selling vehicles are satisfied with the sale of cheap food, what are the requirements. When we reflect the direct selling price of vegetables a lot cheaper than the market, are very satisfied, Wang Yubo said happily, the municipal government will direct sales of vegetables into the community of the people satisfied with the car’s stay, will add 25 cars this year will direct sales of vegetables, vegetables direct extension to the city every car a community, it will benefit Huimin things well, let the people recognized, so that people are satisfied. Mo Street Paterson cheap meat outlets selling beef and mutton prices than the market sales low prices ranging from 1-2 yuan, Wang yu; read more

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Datong master mountain fire was extinguished 1 hours

18:26 on April 12th, Datong County hill because visitors throw cigarette butts random uncivilized behavior, leading to the fire station in front of the hillside on fire, after receiving the report of the fire, the county Party committee and government at the first time to take decisive measures, the main leadership of the county government immediately rushed to the scene the fire command, the forest fire prevention unit members rushed to organize elite forces, rushed to the fire the scene to fight the blaze, the fire officers and soldiers, firefighters, scenic forest fire prevention team more than and 60 people struggling to fight the blaze, the fire was completely extinguished at 19:14. In order to prevent a resurgence, fire officers and forest fire players with a bucket of water and water carried back water for all the burned area to conduct a comprehensive inventory of water, thoroughly remove fire embers. At the same time, the master Mountain Scenic Management Office sent to rear view, to prevent the resurgence of the fire.

as effective measures, less than 1 hours of fighting in a timely manner, the fire was completely extinguished. According to statistics, the area of less than 2 acres of fire, the Fire Department of trees are all weeds, shrubs.   read more

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How to do a good job of pasta shop decoration

pasta shop also need to do a good job of decoration, many chain brands will provide relevant support policies, so do not worry about joining the decoration design problems. If you need to participate in the design work, you should pay attention to some problems. Xiaobian finishing a few points for reference.

1, the main signs, first think of a better name, the place to do advertising signs like their own type of custom.

2, complex point is the bar and kitchen, the kitchen must need a large lampblack machine and large stove, there are many desks and pots and pans, mainly to save space. read more

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Datong County, Jiangxi Province, in-depth study of Zhang Lili, comrade Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng

9 3, Castle Township held a special study, the advanced deeds of all township cadres to learn Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng, talked about the experience and learn their advanced deeds feelings, summarizing their deeds spiritual connotation.

meeting, deputy secretary of the township party committee Comrade Ma Minglu to convey the notice to the county civilization forward "about to carry out a wide range of learning activities to Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng’s notice", organizational learning the advanced deeds of Comrade Zhang Lili. And put forward, to learn their heroic, chivalrous sentiments; learn from their dedication, dedication of the excellent quality of learning; they love others and helpful selfless feelings. read more

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