Bird uncle in Hangzhou accident car crash victims

said Mourinho should be no wonder, he relies on one of Jiangnan style swept the world, of course, this song is very popular in Chinese, recently, uncle bird came to the China can show, but unfortunately was in a car accident.

Mourinho appeared in Hangzhou, the gossip yesterday in micro-blog, WeChat maxed out screen. What is unexpected is that the news of the arrival of bird uncle is not because of the show, but a traffic accident.

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Clothing store decoration techniques which focus

clothing store decoration is a knowledge, do not understand the decoration skills, may make your clothing store is chaotic, it is difficult to let customers have a good impression. What are the clothing store decoration techniques? Decoration should focus on what issues? Here are a few tips for the decoration of clothing stores.

display props

on the props, some friends love with regular props, some love yourself out of shape. However, I found many friends doing things out is not very practical, this I suggest you observe a big props application store, not let you completely imitate others but you learn to read, they see such applications why any props, before use should think of it the actual application effect. read more

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Customer service attitude to do a few points

is now a lot of shopkeepers have recognized the importance of the service, but also strive to do a good job in the course of their own store operations. However, in the daily retail business, when the commodity type, commodity price, store decoration, store location and other aspects of the company store nanfenbozhong, the retail stores service attitude is very important. Store service attitude is good and bad, it has become a good and bad business between the store and shop peers watershed.

Supermarket Service Industry Based on years of experience, I think, in dealing with the customer service attitude should try to do the following points, will win the hearts of customers, tied up the pace of the customer, so that customers become your store back". read more

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Austrian ceiling has been the strength of speaking

Austrian ceiling will be participating in the China Building Decoration Fair, the level of international class. This has the "China’s first exhibition of the ceiling," the reputation of the construction exhibition highlights China’s gorgeous gorgeous ceiling. Austrian ceiling is one of the outstanding exhibits.

of Austria, fresh and natural ecology, the ceiling of the exhibition hall exhibition hall design, create new styles decoration, the whole house ready the Home Furnishing experience, let China become the focus of numerous exhibition concept Austria chase. Into the Austrian exhibition hall, the perfect blend of modern and classical, European and Chinese style passion collision, the achievements of the Austrian unique market competitive products. read more

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Evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan hot dry noodles join

hot and dry noodles originated in Wuhan, the story of the origin of snacks is occurred in the vicinity of Hankou, because of a coincidence would show that a delicacy of praise. Hot and dry noodles in evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan is a very good brand, in addition to the traditional supply of hot and dry noodles, beef noodles, also increased the heat tripe hot and dry noodles, hot and dry noodles, noodles, seafood, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce Hot and Sour Rice Noodles powder etc.. The hot and dry noodles, hot, have a distinctive flavour powder to provide customers with more choice. read more

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Elderly services industry unlimited business opportunities

with the aging of our country is becoming increasingly serious, and now many elderly people are in a state of no one cares. In order to solve this social situation, many nursing homes have appeared, to provide help for the poor old man. The elderly service industry has a high degree of concern in the market, is the first choice for many franchisees investment industry.

according to the Ministry of labor and social security, there are about 5500000 people waiting to enter the nursing home, there are nearly 3 million 800 thousand elderly people in need of nursing service. The demand for nursing staff is very large. There are two aspects of the demand, the first urgent need for nursing staff, the need for more pension institutions in the second, that is, nursing home. read more

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Dipuda lighting how to make life more exciting

In fact,

, lighting in the play in our life, is the most widely used products, the best choice for the wonderful life, Dipuda lighting? Well known brands, first-class quality, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Join the Dipuda lighting project, what are you waiting for?

Dipuda lighting with more than ten years of rich experience in production and export of lighting experience, Dipuda quickly reached Chinese lighting industry before the 30 strong, to represent the high level of craftsmanship Chinese lighting industry, lighting industry and Chinese Chizha continued to shake the world. From the inside in order to create the perfect lighting products, lighting Dipuda draw advanced design concept, a number of heavily in the introduction of advanced production line, to ensure the excellent quality of products. read more

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Maternal and child supplies stores how to choose the purchase channels

maternal and child supplies stores are related to the kind of business, are required to do a good job in the purchase, and for many new entrepreneurs, how to choose the purchase channel is still a problem. So, maternal and child supplies stores how to choose the purchase channel? Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand the problem, to see whether it will have the idea of the development of the cause of this business investors help!

maternal and child supplies stores the most traditional channels of purchase and the main channel for the purchase of three. According to the form of operation, maternal and child supplies stores can be divided into maternal and child supplies stores, stores and independent stores. Maternal and child supplies stores, franchise stores have a unified supply system, the price and brand management, do not find their own purchase channels, more convenient and easy. Independent store to purchase their own, with the commodity structure, the need to find the purchase channels, everything must be pro. read more

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