Zhangzhou fraud to remind you that the sky will be a trap

there are a lot of people have some savings in our life, in order to make these idle money to work, some old people would choose to deposit in a bank, others will buy financial products, but everyone in the purchase of financial products, must be very careful when don’t lie. Deposit 10 thousand yuan, every month there are interest of $150, the end of the year can receive additional dividends. Recently, the Zhangzhou Public Security Bureau cracked a fraud case in Longwen, arrested 5 suspects, and the victims are elderly. read more

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What kind of small town shop

The town of

, the slower pace of life, owned by the enterprise is also very small, resulting in a lot of people if you want to work to make money, only enough to go out looking for work, in this context, if you do not want to leave home, but also want to make money, set up shop has become the choice of many people. So, what kind of small town shop?

town business ideas: sewing shop

now, many young people on the mend life is strange, some clothes for broken zipper, split mouth etc. some small problems to worry about. But now, the clothing market, the elderly, too fat or too thin clothing clothing, mostly wear uncomfortable. So, in the rural areas can open a tailored for farmers or do some sewing work shop, the business should be prosperous. read more

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What kind of education to join the brand worthy of trust

along with people’s desire to learn more and more intense, the education and training industry is becoming more and more popular, numerous investors as the gold industry. Many investors are willing to take the road to join the education and training, that is, choose a quality education and training brand to join, easy to share their wealth. So what kind of education and training to join the brand worthy of trust? From the point of view.

1, the headquarters has a formal joining process and management system read more

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Henan Yutong Bus was selected in 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects

With the continuous development of science and technology, many local enterprises have made a series of development in

. In the intelligent today, many local enterprises have made great achievements. This time, Henan Yutong Bus was selected in 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, we look at the specific details of the following events.

6 reporter learned from the Henan Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, in the Ministry of industry announced the 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project list, the province Yutong Bus (600066, stock it) of the bus intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration selected. In accordance with the relevant requirements, selected items of technical level in the domestic or international advanced level, equipment and system demonstration projects to use safe and controllable, and the project in reducing operation cost, shorten the product development cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce product defect rate, improve the utilization rate of energy in five aspects has achieved remarkable results. read more

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How to open a profitable jewelry store

jewelry shop in our lives every corner there figure, want to run it, it is not easy to operate smoothly, a jewelry shop, the business with the local market demand, formulate the corresponding marketing plan, and a solid foundation for the long-term development of the store lay, how to open a the money jewelry stores? Now we’ll look at how to make more money jewelry store.

1, first of all to do a good job positioning, is to do in the high-end, or do for the general public of the low-grade products. As small ornaments are some of the more commonly used consumer goods, it is recommended that investors choose small and medium jewelry to sell better. read more

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Learn these four strokes can enhance website turnover

shop for the novice, can grasp the essential method to improve the shop turnover, if you haven’t found a good way to take the four skills for your reference summary, I hope you can benefit.

A, build brand, perfect shop. My hometown is in Zhejiang Lanxi, a history of several hundred years of apiculture, traditional beekeeping is a big city, my aunt and uncle bee has more than and 20 years of experience, and they are kind-hearted, see more and more the adulteration of honey is seriously affecting people’s health, they are very sad. read more

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Mango Tea drink your best choice

people go to a two-day weekend or holiday will be the place to go shopping, will consume. Shopping has become one of the necessary items of public leisure, shopping mentioned what you think, people will take all kinds of drinks. Shopping malls or street people so much, to open a shop of their own drinks will undoubtedly be a good choice. What kind of beverage brand is better? Xiaobian to recommend to you is a brand of tea drinks called mango tea.

mango tea drinks are specially developed, a lot of taste, but also to ensure that the new products are launched every month. Compared with other drinks, mango tea quality and flavor more delicate, so that the taste is more distinctive, unique. Through the use of special equipment to extract the essence of mango extract, fresh and healthy rapid reduction, unique taste, very popular with young people. read more

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How to do a good job selling silver jewelry

now a lot of entrepreneurs are more optimistic about the silver shop, jewelry industry. However, if you want to open a silver shop to make money, you have to learn how to do a good job of marketing, marketing work to do well, then it will be very easy to make money later.

now people are keen on silver, silver jewelry market is now the market is good, so that the environment also allows a lot of people to open up the silver shop, and now different brands of silver stores are also increasing year by year. How do you get the advantage of competition in the silver jewelry store? Every one who wants to get the ideal income in the silver industry, the owner of the silver shop, should understand the law of market development. Silver opened stores in heavy traffic, a bustling lively area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. Small shops for entrepreneurs, the size of the passenger flow is a direct impact on how much income. read more

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How to run a restaurant – Korean food business

life is filled with Korean elements, what Korean costumes, Korean hairstyle, Korean pop music, of course, there are attractive Korean cuisine. I do not know when, by the Korean pop music, drama, costume gathered Korean culture sweeping the vast majority of China’s urban fashion crowd, the food here is no exception, is also frequently appear in people’s table. But in the face of fierce competition in the food and beverage market, Korean food restaurant to join (Lian Suo) shop management skills which? read more

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How to operate a chain of hot pot franchise

delicious Hot pot is our Chinese love to eat very delicacy, in China has historical existence for a long time, the recent weather has become increasingly cold, love is the delicacy enthusiasts who are hot Hot pot delicacy, Hot pot delicacy in the market demand is also growing! Open hot pot franchise stores have a lot of entrepreneurs, but not every entrepreneur who has been satisfied with their own income, then the operation of hot pot franchise stores which need to pay attention to it?

hot pot franchise success factors: site read more

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Wuqiao acrobatic world tourists nearly 400 thousand people hit a record high

tourism as a new economic mode which the sustainable development of green, it has attracted much attention of local government, and in some big tourism province, the economic contribution of every year of the tourism industry has been steadily improved, to the local social and economic development but also brought many new opportunities.

Improve the ratio of

for remote

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Open noodle shop franchise business skills

wants to change the current status of their own through entrepreneurship, we must first find a good point of the project, the project is very much, now more and more entrepreneurial projects appear in everyone’s life, for many entrepreneurs, it is mixed, see so many items, too what a good choice is very tangled. In fact, pasta is very popular in our lives, you can open a ramen shop, which is also very profitable. Here is the business to open the ramen shop operating skills of this problem, to introduce you. read more

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What about Obama rice cake Hot pot investment Myongdong

do not know the group has not existed chowhound that help people especially love sticky foods, such as rice cake, dumplings, glutinous rice cake etc.. Of course the catering market characteristics such as food and beverage brands also have a lot of, say, the next Xiaobian to introduce the myundong Obama Hot pot rice cake.

catering market is huge, consumer power continues to be strong, it can be said that the food and beverage market is a big cake hard demand. With the Korean drama hit, Korean food has gradually occupied a large area of the food and beverage market. The Obama Hot pot to half of the country’s unique Korean rice cake style, fashionable and unique taste changeable combination to occupy the catering market rapidly, has become an extraordinary new generation of Korean food. read more

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