New station a month PR liters to 4 flow day P4000 experience

graduate out of work for six years, began to hear who do earn how much money from the school, a student’s personal station station will do earning large quantities of gold each day, the students make a stand out of the show in front of everyone. From there, the site would like to do a web site, but graduated from the IT industry has not done, but has always been aware of website construction, promotion, SEO knowledge. In October, finally determined to apply for a domain name, after more than a month of writing code, site, in November 20th finally completed the line, the kind of joy is self-evident. Up to now, I stand on the line for more than a month, the PR value rose to 4, the day IP has more than 3000. Don’t believe it. Ha ha, listen to me slowly. I struggle day and night in front of the computer, spent a lot of energy to sum up the new station, quickly enhance the PR value and flow of eight. read more

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Site navigation station development trends

site navigation station is to cater to the trend at that time because of the Internet, the Internet was the situation rapidly by the majority of Internet users become accepted after search engine, the most convenient one of the web information search platform.

analysis can see Internet users habits, typically, users will find the corresponding information through the search to the key word in the search engine, and this kind of information from the various types of Web sites, once the user habit, he often on the site is also fixed in several dozen or so, usually the case, or to remember the first reaction can think of the site does not exceed 30, and there is no way to customize the search engine they often hope that those sites list open for individual users. read more

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Talk about my views on the website

                  website. There are very many pictures. Entertainment. Information exchange. And so on… Countless. But can truly do not give up. How many webmaster at their station every day to the whereabouts of traffic. The mood began gradually. Depressed. Low. Some small station for commercial interests. No matter completely clean. Leave the page. In the final closing indiscriminately. The consequences. The importance of website. There must be a point of interest and goals. Not blindly to do. But a determined goal. We should turn the heart and do don’t do half halfway away. Not only to the point of interest and without saving a website Web site. But after completely become the tools for money. Your interests and goals have been buried. You are not only a webmaster. For the benefit of businessman. read more

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Writing soft Wen should face the website user

as a universal navigation nets, life service peak nets such as station managers, in order to promote the site, is trying, by all means, writing original article, increase external links, but the most effective way to increase the external links that is writing. A good soft Wen, due to a large number of reprinted, virtually increased a large number of external links, virtually increased the weight of the site.

in writing on the road, "misty rain" have been written "Baidu love content is" unique and original "instead of" original, "Baidu love more unique content of the original, unique," what is the standard "opened" HP official website "mystery", "large flow" rapidly improve the site method of flow – the ingenious layout keywords "and so on, writing is not much, but is not too small, the effect is very poor," misty rain "has been in the reflection:" don’t write soft is to add an external link? "After a long time of reflection finally understand, actually writing should be adapted to local conditions: read more

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The barrage site BiliBili financing Rashomon in the end who is lying

the content of this article is based on the understanding of the question, "why did the B station" financing plan "cause a great deal of controversy when it was exposed?".

BiliBili (hereinafter referred to as B station) has been the main position of ACG (Animation, Comic, Game) culture, and has great influence in Chinese animation fans. All along, the B station financing rumors continue, but B station owner 9bishi insisted that B station did not finance. A few days ago, a B station "financing plan" was exposed, although B station stationmaster 9bishi in the first time rumor, but still caused widespread controversy. Netizens have accused each other of lying, each one sticks to his argument, just like a "rashomon". read more

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From the car to get the site to collect and analyze data points

data analysis, as its name suggests, is data + analysis. That is to say, we must take data first and analyze as the latter. "No data analysis based execution is a rogue."". The collection of a lot of first-hand data and secondary data analysis, in order to maximize the development of data data functions, play the role of data, is the ultimate goal of our data collection.

recently made a special data collection and analysis about the auto industry website, but it wasn’t very good, but in the process, I got a lot. Here Mengjiao Mao re summarize the main points should be paid attention to the process of collecting and analyzing data. read more

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How can enterprise websites improve the relevance of content

The content construction of

enterprise website has been the core problem of website operation, and it is also a difficult problem to break through. Compared to other types of websites, the content of enterprise station is single and not rich enough. If you simply rely on content construction to build a website, you must improve the relevance of the content of the site, from the user related angle to expand, in order to enrich the content.

usually, enterprise website content construction is around the core of the web site – products to build, but now many enterprise websites have become industry information station. You can find many enterprises are publishing various industry information, the purpose is to keep the site updated regularly, you can take the opportunity to let the search engine to patronize every day, and let spiders have food to eat. As we all know, in the long run, this enterprise station is afraid to become the industry information station, station news the most. read more

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Former general manager of Baidu Post Bar product design nine steps, how to do around the user needs

PM has a dream: to change the world with their own design products, at the same time earn pours, but ten years did not change the entry-level salary, but let people touch the reality is skinny.

if you are a PM, is going to follow a Montana, it proves that you are not only a lucky, and talent in product design excellence, this article can be used for your reference.

if you are in the ordinary small company in nine late ten, or odd jobs at a large corporate level, but you have a dream, a dream to change the world with their own products, then this article is written for you. read more

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Everyone is a WeChat operating Guru

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, if now electricity providers, businesses and even Taobao sellers of network marketing is still stuck in the I need a nice page, I need a tall on the home page, or even a good place in the search engine ranked, so this is definitely out of operations to promote the pace of the times. Nowadays, more businesses, even individuals, sellers, or pure enthusiasts, more or less, will promote themselves and sell themselves through the WeChat public number. WeChat’s popularity has changed a lot, and the trend of mobile Internet has already surpassed the traditional internet. read more

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