When the website ranking does not move when we should do

: changed under the meta label


general website rankings are down, even some time has been ranked in the search results page page five or six of this level, sometimes up to fifth pages, sometimes on page sixth, this ranking is estimated to have many webmaster have experienced, and included in the site is normal, also can do the next update snapshot at this time, if you want to major surgery, may cause site is down right, not to rise up, but if not adjusted, the site has been ranked at the end of the five or six page, there will not be a very good profit, perhaps even operating at a loss, the site also encountered such a crisis later, my mind to come through their own efforts to finally put the website rankings up, here to share with you my read more

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Web log analysis is generally ignored from the optimization analysis revealed the error log

many webmaster in the operation of the site, often in the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s principle, rarely through data analysis to guide their website, web log analysis is more widely ignored! In fact Web log itself is a very good tool, the hexagrams words log data is often the book of changes, these data are often able to find the successful operation of the website password! Put Web log to divinatory words, because the log data for the webmaster, often is the number of days, the operation method of reflecting the need to re compile the webmaster can understand it, the author will analysis the experience of their own with the webmaster friends to share the read more

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Chen Xiaohuan the reason analysis of foreign trade website Google down the right

trade website to use what means? Let their site in many key words can of course is talent shows itself? The black hat of the link with the door of the website, the paid version of 贵族宝贝xxx.org, you can see many sources of anchor text, one can see there are 2015 pages pointing to the casual clothes, evening dress the little black dress, cocktail dress, these keywords, and these sites are not the normal site, but seemingly abandoned sites, only a bunch of links to NYTtimes when Google told these things later, Google has been corrected for these phenomena. read more

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Fish Encyclopedia by three techniques share ascending rate

, thank you! is the first point: account levelMany

second: choose appropriate add location

third: heart editor

novice friends to add to the chain, fell in love with the sea casually to register a new account to send encyclopedia links, so you can make it? Of course not. In the chain, we must first learn to keep a high level, the general account through rate than the low level several times higher, so we registered account not to immediately send outside the chain, practice class first. Besides, we can go to edit some simple words, such as typesetting or help it it is very easy to add open directory, adhere to a week level will go up. read more

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Huaxing photoelectric Li Dongsheng anticipation AMOLED market surplus words too earlyThe similaritie

Ma listed, to our circle of friends made a first day in New York bell photos. I think maybe the world will not repeat such a thing, so I think Ma is the model I want to learn from my heart. Starting from Ma yun.

, Li Dongsheng, chairman of Huaxing optoelectronics, has expressed his views, as many local governments want to invest in AMOLED again, resulting in a three year surplus in the AMOLED market.

I would like to talk about the Internet, I began to touch the net from 98 years ago, my subordinates have done 3 enterprises, served a business, then Microsoft. The first company to do the three dimensional company. The second house is PPTV. The first company I’m doing now is know Zhuo network. read more

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No doubt five words to help you out of the predicament of website optimization

performs important, but if the wrong way, the greater the enforcement of the result will deviate from the target. The method is more important, but the correct method, need to be fully armed need careful preparation theory support. Then the rest is the basic knowledge, basic theory. Website optimization is the same reason, any one thing you can do is to spend a lot of thoughts, such as website optimization. Although we all know that the core of the web site optimization is only eight words, "content is king, link the emperor", understand the taste of this eight words behind the mood is not simple. And don’t talk about "content is king, we link the emperor", from the following five words, from some of the features now under the condition of the search engine, you can pry out behind the eight word meaning and real meaning. read more

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Bing through the adaptive search to make the search more humane

clearly makes personalized search to improve the ranking theory more complicated. In the above example, you can’t do this "Australia" keyword ranking optimization. If the search results have been applied since the ranking will change. This also reflects our Shanghai dragon Er requires continuous learning, continuous innovation. This paper from the TV series 贵族宝贝dagougou.org original reproduced recent good providedacknowledgment

specializes in the search engine Google Paris Schwartz pointed out that with the previous query function is very similar, but it seems that the more advanced Bing. read more

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An entry for three months novice Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing

I really change at a weekend meeting, our manager told us about the future development trend of the Internet and combined with the recent period of time, to come to consult the website optimization client in particular, to strengthen the site optimization efforts in the future work, and to set up Shanghai Longfeng project group, I was still the Shanghai dragon sciolistic, after me in the company of other good colleagues that Shanghai dragon turned out to be a search engine optimization promotion services, can let the customer’s website ranking, I after a week on the Internet basically mastered the essentials of Shanghai dragon, at this time, the manager assigned a glass septic tank website, the word keyword is "Shenyang glass steel septic tank" for a veteran, and what is not difficult, but for To me a quack new people, it is a difficulty, I still speak to the manager of the project, let me do, I said I want to exercise, the manager considered the website optimization customer, there is no busy, they agreed to let me try. However, just give me half a month of time, if you feel stressed, quickly for others to do. read more

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From the network of Shanghai Dragon talk about individual life in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

second, focus on practical individual life experience optimization

in Shanghai Longfeng field, there is a saying "content is king". A good web site, the content around the user. However, because, to.

Shanghai Longfeng people know that the words "user experience is king, indeed, a website wants to retain users, to better contribute to the ultimate profit, the user experience must be a link can not be ignored. Only from the sensory experience of the user, make the user look comfortable, with a comfortable, can be a good website. And so our individual life. read more

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How do Soso Ask website promotion


6. users to answer. This is the best use of the maximum optimization method and effect. Ask the answer search content behind have the answers to this user evaluation of "good" or "

promotion "Royal Square mud mask how"

2. to answer questions with your keywords to promotion: for example, your promotion is "how" the Royal Square mud mask, then answer your best with the Royal Square mud mask how the word ". Of course, because the word "Royal mud square" ask the answer to receive audit, so this point slightly inferior, but it is really important. read more

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