Liu Erchuang the network to make money, there is no garbage program only garbage

as the saying goes: "no man is perfect, not perfect in every respect people, people have weaknesses, flaws, like what the ancient beauty 10 we do not have their own shortcomings? Then said today is associated with the network, no junk program, only the garbage man. No man is perfect, the program is no more perfect. When the evening in Internet cafes (a friend out to dinner service, go to Internet cafes to go), suddenly saw a man in the group said what a good guest program, to tell the truth, I was guest did not use what program, call the zblog+ framework, I do not love with program 7 out of 8 of those random why? I was too stupid, the program will not use, do not want to use, sometimes not necessary, my answer is: "no junk program, only the garbage man" read more

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Dunhuang network members to promote the promotion of suspension notice

members of the Dunhuang network promotion activities will be suspended on February 6, 2008 -12, after the Spring Festival to continue, please timely replacement of other activities.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more

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Wangzhuan newcomers how to prevent being cheated

1 will be able to get a high wage, high income projects are not reliable. For example: that is just beginning to do more than a few thousand wages, certainly is a liar, first put it away. There is no free lunch, even if the site recommended "Wangzhuan", if you can’t stand according to the requirements of the practice, is also unable to obtain satisfactory income.

2 to pay the items have to be careful. For example, pay how much you can get a powerful online platform, the platform can have so many benefits, and then motivate you to introduce more people to pay to join. For example, the previous SOHO station, the wisdom of XX, which can be said to be disguised pyramid schemes. Better not join. Because even earned, will be uneasy conscience. Because you earn money by deceiving others to get. read more

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Limit martial arts and Chinese marriage online CPA online advertising


  CPA Chinese martial arts football and marriage online advertising line   high price please hurry up on the
            Hongkong School of dress pictures click on the ads to return to normal, CPC:60 yuan /1000IP, please continue to put before the launch of the station, please type the appropriate site to application background!

Union address:

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

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For Wangzhuan alumni graduation season to a few words

In fact,

in their own time in college, never thought of their future work and the Internet is actually linked, because for a journalism professional men, engaged in the Internet this seemingly profound industry is really dare not to think. I do not dare to think that he is now a week’s income can be worth up to others to do a month. All sorts of unexpected, but it confirms a truth, the network is indeed a place where civilians realize their dreams.

is after all just graduated, many students are not satisfied for the work now, I now see the achievements are very envious, so they have expressed their willingness to leave to do the webmaster, for their choice in my welcome at the same time, do not forget to remind a few stationmaster, do good industry can indeed make a lot of money, but Wangzhuan not everyone can do, which should not only pay attention to fast, accurate and relentless, attention should be more stable, light, light. read more

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After 90 CEO Yu is not bragging

Yu Jiawen, we are very clear, 90 CEO, said Ma gave them invested thousands of dollars, is not real is still under investigation, not to say these things, he has at least a first talk about the company, more than 90, he is quite worthy of our admiration, no matter more than a good is not bragging. This is a lot more than us, so this person or person.

video I back and forth eight times, did not feel too much bragging, also is not to say that after 90 CEO to tens of millions of financing is bragging, it’s very likely that this is not just yesterday a 90 married red envelopes have made so much money, they are worth that billion yuan. Why not allow Yu Jiawen to finance tens of millions? This is completely feasible, why so many people without evidence of slander others. But there seems to be a place to brag too! read more

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Sharing the 6 advantages of college students should master

now is not what fresh business vocabulary, either in life or on TV we can smell a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, it can be said now become entrepreneurial employment direction the hearts of young people the most ideal. Compared to the resignation of entrepreneurship, college graduates after graduation entrepreneurship although there is lack of experience, relationships imperfect, but things always have two sides, a short board will have strengths, college students should firmly grasp their existing advantages. read more

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Wangzhuan right way

how to find your true Wangzhuan road here through the real example.

one hundred people of every hue, personality, quality, IQ and EQ are not the same, so the direction and means of success will not have a unified model, different people will be completely different in different situation, so the "destiny in their own hands." this sentence is not ~


before this will give you a reminder: Wangzhuan the real meaning is "make money online", not only do online advertising to make money online. read more

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Maybe these 15 words can change everyone’s Taobao guest career

always think it is easy to make money, watching others by Taobao customers earn thousands of dollars, their dream one day also can rely on the family, so in the influence of friends started their own webmaster career. But once the actual operation is not the case, first you need to choose their own products, then there will be part of the update content, or how to get good rankings, the two cannot rest, followed in website promotion, Taobao customers don’t want to like the way we want, but relying on the promotion of the code can be earn a lot of money, but he is ultimately not losing money, settlement last month about how much money a few hundred dollars, but compared to before the grand goal, the present situation is a bit awkward. Of course, I’m not here to complain, I write today is according to their own practical experience to share 20 words, want to just contact Taobao customer website novice webmaster is prepared, because here is not a heaven, but the arena. read more

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The main factors of Beijing nternet people will talk around

today this article, don’t talk about network promotion experience, talk about side drift, drift in let people understand or not in Beijing under. Why do some people have to insist on the drift in Beijing, and some people will choose to leave the city of Beijing.

will write this article, because WeChat before the circle of friends to see some of the rest of the media should be developed in Beijing city these IT business, or the way south, you can go to Chengdu, 2 line city of Chongqing and other relatively cheaper places to start. The fun to play network online each one airs his own views, CEO peripheral products have the headquarters moved to Chengdu, to adhere to the natural view 2 line city business better, and Kingsoft CEO because of Fu Sheng has been in Beijing, so that the business in Beijing is the best. read more

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YouDay alliance platform two upgrade has been completed!

      youDay alliance platform two upgrade has been completed!

      dear partners:

      youDay alliance platform two upgrade has been completed, the upgrade of the youDay platform in stability, code display speed, channel combinations have been steadily improved. Thank you for the support and trust of youDay, youDay has been to enhance the intentions, improve the service

      youDay current operating results:

      channel sharing:
      channel charging rate 98.65%.
      single is divided into a maximum of 2 yuan / 1.1 yuan / minimum.
      the average payment per unit price of 1.32 yuan read more

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An American Boxer using the idea of a website to make money

in fact, in some ways, through the flow of money is an eternal theorem, but earn money flow, is probably a bad idea!

these days to do SEO, met an American friend on MSN. He told me that it was an American boxer in the United States, the arena is with a great reputation. But he still everywhere to learn martial arts from this year to China Taoist Wudang Mountains Taoist boxing. I asked him how to do? He told me a website, the original while he learned Wu Yi, while through the network to make money. His idea is this wangzhuan. read more

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The 10 most profitable words

whether it is English or Chinese, its vocabulary is very rich, but not every day are welcome by consumers. According to the "Wall Street journal" statistics, the following 10 words appear in the most advertising, the effect is also the best.

free – for free, gift items, no one refused. Whether it is "free" and "free consultation" or "free", as long as the advertising language in the word "free", this kind of products or services are generally very popular, more than the "buy one get one". read more

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Chinese click Wangzhuan money fast.

rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan ( has been committed to the research and promotion of Chinese click Wangzhuan, the beginner trustworthy good teachers and helpful friends. Because of the particularity of Chinese click Wangzhuan, basically belongs to toil live, and many times is a thankless, make friends do not receive money or very little income. How to improve the click Wangzhuan income, is a question worthy of thinking, rich uncle Mao now for many years Wangzhuan experience written for members reference, hope to have a help to the beginner. read more

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How to make a blog to make money

How do

blog to make money? When a few days ago in the QQ group chat inside, inside the group simply do the statistics, found that as long as the webmaster, almost all blogs, ranging from one or two, more than five or six, some directly is the blog group, found that many webmaster used to their website promotion for with his own blog, only a very small part…… After asking to come to the conclusion: " blog are making money " or " blog to make money " I think through this survey I estimate is most webmaster answer! But blog really does not earn money? No one would dare to say this: " is ". Because the blog has made a lot of money the station grew up in, some owners even do a professional blog, don’t do stand! Because the blog’s energy input and capital input is much less than the independent website investment! There are many blog will only need to concentrate on, capital investment is zero! This is the charm of the blog…… read more

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Share some experience in making money from the dumpster

yesterday, my five day profit 100 station all was forced to close down (I’m using the domestic space), today it seems particularly easy, free, can finally live like people – celebrate!:


here to share three garbage station profit model, hoping to help newcomers.

a, SP station. In this forum, there are people talking about SP earnings, as well as people charge training. After reading it, I think it is ridiculous, and some people even believe that their practice. Now give them all the nonsense: read more

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Xu Xiaoping layout nternet law, green dog network just need new on-line

innovation is the core driving force and source of human social progress, and in today’s rapid development of the Internet era, innovation is a powerful weapon in the electricity supplier market game. The innovation of enterprise and brand to give unlimited vitality and potential power, and create the future trend of winning a trend which cannot be halted.

entrepreneurial legal services, social need just extraordinary significance

Xu Xiaoping, one from the east out of angel investors, one of the new "three carriages", active in education, SNS, electricity providers, APP software and other industries, the investment project has more than one hundred, among them, Jiayuan dating sites, foreign trade B2C Lanting Pavilion set potential, cosmetics electricity supplier have listed. Keen investment perspective, a wide range of industry resources, Xu Xiaoping helped many entrepreneurs realize the dream of success, as he said, "to achieve a new miracle". This time, he chose the Internet law. read more

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Personal blog to make money in five ways

1 sale link

in Text-link-ads this website to sell your link is a good choice, you only need to download a blog link, when someone buys you a link plugin to link display. The sale link advertising revenue is relatively stable, but slightly higher, generally have higher Google PR and Alexa ranking people have to buy, and advertising placement generally does not matter, because advertisers as long as your PR is enough, do not really want this to get traffic from you. Therefore, in the early stages of the blog should be appropriate to find some of the higher PR site exchange links. read more

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The couple should do Wangzhuan

did not come for a long time published an article, to the new friend about how I do Wangzhuan today. Contact Wangzhuan have 5 months, just started also do not know what Wangzhuan, I only know that the network can make money, but that is not a lot, only know Taobao, so I went to Taobao opened a shop selling clothing, pull, supply is an online agent, so the quality and price of goods no more of the advantages, so a month later, I didn’t sell something. In this way, the first step of success is failure. read more

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Amoy family popular network earning a lot of money more professional

when the network world has become popular shopping, "Amoy" this emerging occupation has quietly developed. Instant communication tools, is not often a stranger to you recommend a shop? Wandering in the online forum, is not often shopping Master recommend products? Even to see other people’s blog, also can not help but be attracted to the shop he recommended…… They are the "amoy".

Earning a lot of money

according to statistics, the current average price of the major shopping malls in Shanghai, the average annual salary of about 100 yuan, while the average price of the store sales staff is more than 2000 yuan. If you do not have to go to work every day, no boss boss around, and specifically interested in selling products, more important is the monthly income may be far greater than the average store sales personnel, this kind of work would you like to do? read more

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