Dai Renguang Taobao guest user-friendly shopping is the key product quality

although this topic is very topic but it seems a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in the implementation of the people is not much, writing this article is originated from the recent super vision of customer data, some Taobao guest crazy acquisition of Taobao products, resulting in the access database of up to more than and 400 M or even 600M, 700M, so as to constantly upgrade space, because like this database is consumption of server resources, the general space simply can not afford, while Taobao passenger revenue and did not seem to be because the amount of data increases the growth trend. This is not only the cost of the host, but also did not make money, the site itself has lost its true meaning. read more

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Precision marketing into the era of full competition

Since Philip · Kotler put forward the concept of "precision marketing", China advertising market in the "advertising" and to promote the leadership, set off a precision marketing network revolution. However, with the increase in suppliers, users are also more difficult to choose. Held in Shanghai in August 8, 2007 07 iResearch new marketing conference, the deputy general manager of Internet advertising network Zhang Tao opinion, that precision marketing has entered the era of all-round competition. read more

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A simple way to improve Google AdSense hits

1, advertising a little more

if the layout of allowing it to put a few more ads, so that users contact the ad, click will be more natural.

2, rich in content

if the content is not abundant enough, can the ad will not, even ad unit can not complete the display, click will be less natural.

3, not on the left on the right

users usually used to click on the right side of the advertisement, the content and links to sites on the left, it is good for users to click on ads.

4, change a little more

5, the content is not comprehensive

whether regular stations or garbage station, if the user can find all the needs of the content will not click on the link to find more information on your site. read more

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Question GOOGLE’s work attitude

A sum of money for November

my account, GOOGLE12 24 was issued, the registered address of my account is British, in early November, I have put before returning to the address to China, I in January to take the bank remit, but how also can not find the money, then call the the Western Union Company said GOOGLE payments to Britain, could not get in Chinese.

I’m sure I required to change your address within the specified time, the remittance problem is GOOGLE company’s mistakes, I have made 3 consecutive times to help the GOOGLE help center to ask, but there has been no news, even a letter asking the EMAIL reply is not read more

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The relationship between traffic and money can be used to calculate the amount of money you earn eac

The relationship between traffic and money can be used to calculate the amount of money you earn each month

for the webmaster, this is an article, a good reference from it, maybe you can think of a lot of things!

the following data is purely personal investigation and observation, the data size difference is normal, I listed the data for general statistics. See individual ability of grass and operation.

site does not include illegal sites, such as * * site. Do not include selling products business site.

pure belong to all kinds of personal site

(3000IP per day, it is very simple. This time some people will go to advertising, impatient my advice is not to.50 dollars a month banner, 20 dollars a month. The text is not how to earn so little money, do not go to.3000IP, and 3721 to more than and 10 league a day).

(8000IP per day, it is hard to do? OK. From 8000IP, the website can belong to the primary, 1500 yuan of money, greatly upgrade.TAOBAO net a month TOM alliance can be removed, or placed in a conspicuous place, 3721+ other public welfare alliance can reach 2200, with a small amount of advertising, a a month 2500 yuan) is very stable.

From the beginning of the 10 thousand


advertising and find companies. Or find the acquired company.

find company, and the acquisition of companies need to site;
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Diversified promotion makes my shop income doubled

in 2010 when I read in A5, accidentally saw a writer to write a short essay by sound advertising agents, a monthly income of five thousand yuan, that time is GOOGLE China launch period, a few of my money on GOOGLE advertising revenue station straight down, I was looking for some the new Wangzhuan project, after reading this article, I think this is an emerging industry, the development prospects should be good, after a few days of the local market investigation, I decided to enter this industry do. I refer to other voice sites do a advertising agency network, to tell the truth, at that time did not on this website can earn much money to send high expectations, just want to exercise myself do Wangzhuan ability. read more

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MSN was born in innovation, died of arrogance

introduction: once to dominate the world of instant messaging overlord MSN, launched 15 years after coming from the stage of history, staged another "falling star" story. Now look back on the development of MSN, it seems to prove that Microsoft’s attitude is changing.

critical moment

Internet Storm treacherous, Microsoft in the development of the Internet market and MSN im always in a passive, in Chinese is experiencing strong opponent QQ and a series of new social software under siege. read more

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The first half experience realize the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan.

I was in early 09 began to learn on the job because of the higher, not smooth, he decided to resign, what did not consider, you decided to join the ranks of Wangzhuan


I am not what network master, do not know what the network technology, which is usually on the Internet, play games, watch movies, never wrote a blog, has not built a station, no awareness of it! What do not understand, only to start from scratch!, I began my study the network to make money through


first, I learned, Taobao, so I want to open a shop, as in Taobao, Kaoshanchishan, local herbs rich, will open a shop to buy some rare traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine! At the beginning, we found a lot of problems, such as: how to choose the location, buy expensive or buy ordinary, so many shops selling medicinal herbs, which, how to decorate, decorate good, do not credit, a month out of business, in the heart! Do not know how to do? I began to hesitate. read more

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85 after the online games entrepreneurs to give up VE went to Canada

a lot of Chinese stocks blocked the NASDAQ (micro-blog) as an open door to Canada Guangdong online business.

is expected before July 13th, the application will be renamed for approval, and then it will look at the external stock market situation, the proposed application for listing." July 5th, Dongguan Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongguan Sheng Si) chairman and President Li Zongxin told reporters that the company is expected to be completed in Canada this month. read more

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T men diverted online selling shroud, urn not operation has been 1 million angel investment

now the electricity supplier is hot, small to large refrigerator, odds and ends of sewing, Simmons, but to see if online shopping Everything is contained therein., shroud, urn, estimated that many people still want to jump.

this year, 36 year old Yang Peng is doing subversive funeral electricity supplier services. His funeral service platform Enhua is not on-line operation, to attract 1 million yuan angel investment from Beijing. White matter yourself, as clear as noonday consumption ", Yang Peng and his team in such a slogan, China into the most mysterious, the most traditional business. read more

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Cement mouse with new friends talk about how to guide the operation Wangzhuan station

industry experts in 2011 is the golden years of development guide Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do shopping guide how to grasp the pulse of the times, the key target of development, work out a piece of heaven and earth, their next, I told everyone together to discuss the development of Wangzhuan shopping guide.

first, how to choose products.

some new friends in the choice of products, often choose some very popular products or high profit products, such as: breast, body, cosmetics, although these products of higher profits, but the competition is very intense, and even has become the top master among the contest, so the new friends try to avoid these popular keywords so, new friends should choose what kind of products? Here I tell you, try to avoid the popular keywords of fierce competition, but also do not have to choose some low profit products, should choose some popular long tail keywords, the keywords competition is not very intense, but also have a certain profit space is very good. The choice of. read more

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Novice to do the driving force of Taobao customers confidence and patience

now in twenty-first Century there is no network can not ah, and now the Internet world has a stove. Everyone wants to make money, make a fortune, I also not listed, nor will you tell everyone listed, Taobao, Taobao in the network is an awesome e-commerce platform, why don’t we use this opportunity to open a road and the road to success? In front of millionaires waiting for you, penny. All of you, mami female. At this time a rookie is daydreaming I began my Taobao guest Road, the so-called Taobao guest is also a refund of Taobao’s products to gain profit or gain. (Rookie understanding) read more

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Liang Xinjun started 100 thousand dollars, is how to do the net assets of 58 billion 400 million

I’m a new Shanghai man from Zhejiang. My hometown is a small town, from my home to Shanghai, I remember all the time to thirteen hours, so I feel so far away.

these more than and 20 years I was in comparison, I think I really love Shanghai, love Shanghai reasons because my best youth in Shanghai. Second, I think Shanghai makes my life changed when I was in college, graduated from Fudan, then president, he said at the time, a good state and good society, it is to give young people the most opportunities for the country. read more

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The best time for Entrepreneurs when the nternet oligarchs fight, pick up the ground to eat biscuit

Zong Ning’s article, the Internet has long been recognized BAT big three situation, completely subvert the. Put forward the BAT no longer, only AT Internet duopoly situation. Objectively speaking, although Baidu’s lead has been reduced, but not yet to leave the first group in a short time, so the giant is still in, but the giant is further differentiation. The author is yesterday to discuss with your friends, the Internet for small and medium-sized enterprises, will be a good time to have a sufficient survival time, one on the ground to pick up the biscuits can eat a fat era. read more

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Liu Erchuang the network to make money, there is no garbage program only garbage

as the saying goes: "no man is perfect, not perfect in every respect people, people have weaknesses, flaws, like what the ancient beauty 10 we do not have their own shortcomings? Then said today is associated with the network, no junk program, only the garbage man. No man is perfect, the program is no more perfect. When the evening in Internet cafes (a friend out to dinner service, go to Internet cafes to go), suddenly saw a man in the group said what a good guest program, to tell the truth, I was guest did not use what program, call the zblog+ framework, I do not love with program 7 out of 8 of those random why? I was too stupid, the program will not use, do not want to use, sometimes not necessary, my answer is: "no junk program, only the garbage man" read more

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Dunhuang network members to promote the promotion of suspension notice

members of the Dunhuang network promotion activities will be suspended on February 6, 2008 -12, after the Spring Festival to continue, please timely replacement of other activities.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: http://s.chanet.com.cn/

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: http://s.top.admin5.com/u

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more

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Wangzhuan newcomers how to prevent being cheated

1 will be able to get a high wage, high income projects are not reliable. For example: that is just beginning to do more than a few thousand wages, certainly is a liar, first put it away. There is no free lunch, even if the site recommended "Wangzhuan", if you can’t stand according to the requirements of the practice, is also unable to obtain satisfactory income.

2 to pay the items have to be careful. For example, pay how much you can get a powerful online platform, the platform can have so many benefits, and then motivate you to introduce more people to pay to join. For example, the previous SOHO station, the wisdom of XX, which can be said to be disguised pyramid schemes. Better not join. Because even earned, will be uneasy conscience. Because you earn money by deceiving others to get. read more

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Limit martial arts and Chinese marriage online CPA online advertising


  CPA Chinese martial arts football and marriage online advertising line   high price please hurry up on the
            Hongkong School of dress pictures click on the ads to return to normal, CPC:60 yuan /1000IP, please continue to put before the launch of the station, please type the appropriate site to application background!

Union address: http://s.cnxad.com

more information as in the League: http://s.top.admin5.com/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:9999086@gmail.com read more

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For Wangzhuan alumni graduation season to a few words

In fact,

in their own time in college, never thought of their future work and the Internet is actually linked, because for a journalism professional men, engaged in the Internet this seemingly profound industry is really dare not to think. I do not dare to think that he is now a week’s income can be worth up to others to do a month. All sorts of unexpected, but it confirms a truth, the network is indeed a place where civilians realize their dreams.

is after all just graduated, many students are not satisfied for the work now, I now see the achievements are very envious, so they have expressed their willingness to leave to do the webmaster, for their choice in my welcome at the same time, do not forget to remind a few stationmaster, do good industry can indeed make a lot of money, but Wangzhuan not everyone can do, which should not only pay attention to fast, accurate and relentless, attention should be more stable, light, light. read more

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After 90 CEO Yu is not bragging

Yu Jiawen, we are very clear, 90 CEO, said Ma gave them invested thousands of dollars, is not real is still under investigation, not to say these things, he has at least a first talk about the company, more than 90, he is quite worthy of our admiration, no matter more than a good is not bragging. This is a lot more than us, so this person or person.

video I back and forth eight times, did not feel too much bragging, also is not to say that after 90 CEO to tens of millions of financing is bragging, it’s very likely that this is not just yesterday a 90 married red envelopes have made so much money, they are worth that billion yuan. Why not allow Yu Jiawen to finance tens of millions? This is completely feasible, why so many people without evidence of slander others. But there seems to be a place to brag too! read more

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